My Own Celebration

Truth - Melita
I really hope everyone is having a splendid new year….mine is off to a good start.  To celebrate, I decided to take myself out.  Zeplins it was, that’s right up my alley.  A nice little quiet lounge with a stage for music, acts, or whatever.  Comfy little corners to curl up and have a drink.  Yep, I liked it just fine.  It didn’t hurt that I had a relaxed little party look going on. I said it, relaxed and party in the same sentence.  The Jersey Low Back from .:ryolter:. fits the bill and pairs up with the new tights from Izzie’s found at this round of TDR…I love some stockings I can pair up with my SLink feet.  Speaking of feet, do you see those jammin’ heels? They are Leagues T-Bar Pumps.   I saw them over at the Shoe Fair this year, but I was saving up for the FATPACK.  GOT IT! LOVE IT!

Maxi Gossamer Tiffany Set
Truth had a great cut to go with the outfit, it scoops around the back perfectly to show off that low back dress and the Maxi Gossamer Tiffany necklace.  Serious, it just all made for a perfect get up to get out and have some fun.   Enjoy your day!

Out On My Own

Poses – Marukin

Eyes – UMEBOSHI – Haru Teal
Skin – Izzies – Eliza in Caramel
Eyeshadow – MOnS Savage – Fallinlove in navy
Lipstick – Mock – Luxe Lip Cream

Stockings – Izzies – Heart Tights TDR
Earrings/necklace – Maxi Gossamer – Tiffany Set
Shoes – League – T-Bar Pumps in Blue
Dress – .: ryolter :. – Jersey Low-Back Tunic in Black
Hair – Truth – Melita


The Ember Clause….

Ya know, there are a lot of really great bloggers out there. They inspire, encourage, and challenge us. I love the photography skill of Strawberry Singh. I enjoy the…entertaining but informative posts at JuicyBomb.

But there is one blog that no matter when I look at it, I am impressed, inspired, and encouraged. It has nothing to do that she is a distant cousin, I promise. Evion Ember at AnotherDamnSLBlog is my absolute favorite. Her photography always has this dreamy soft look that I love and her style is right down my alley. Classic, beautiful, and always a lady (Not to say others aren’t)

I’ve read her blogs and she has always shown herself to be kind and well spoken.

When I take my photographs, its her that I most want to emulate and honestly, when I get a star on flickr from her, it makes my day!

Today I was browsing through flickr and went to her profile to check out her new photographs…up until now, her ballet photo with slink feet and the Baiastice skirt had been my fav….but after looking again through her photographs, I can’t imagine how I narrowed it down to that ONE…they are all stunning.

Nine times out of ten, if she blogs something I don’t have….I end up getting it. Thats the biggest reason I know she is awesome…she creates sales for vendors! I am not sure why, but whenever I think of Evion, I think of Baiastice….so in honor of that spirit….I’ve gone shopping!

Last year I reacquainted myself with Baiastice…probably because of some style I saw from Evion…and since, this has remained one of my favorite outfits. It has a comfortable classy look that I really love.
The Ember Clause....
The Lexi sweater from Baiastice sits right over the top of the Milano Trousers. That’s the biggest pet peeve I have about mesh…when I want to layer or pair shirts with slacks…they stick out in odd places sometimes, but that isn’t a problem here at all. Nevermind the slim detail of the belt on the slacks…perfect pairing so far as I am thinking.

This Ebony style from Truth is a favorite as well, the cut of the bangs is dramatic and yet soft. It doesn’t make the angles of my face look harsh, so yes, its a big love! It frames the lay of the Classic Romance Necklace from EarthStones.

I snagged these Black Leather Pumps from Eclectica today and they fit perfectly. SLink shoes…with a texture change along the buttons and trim. They are something every girl needs in their inventory.

If you haven’t read her blog, or haven’t visited in a while, I encourage you to take a tour!

Skin – IREN – Lucy in Mocca
Hair – TRUTH – Ebony in Expresso
Hands/Feet – SLink Mesh

Bracelet – Yummy – Crystal Cluster/Quartz
Necklace – EarthStones – Classic Romance – Sapphire Gold
Watch – Donna Flora – Samara Watch

Eyelashes – MonCher – Falsies Mesh Eyelashes
Eyeshadow – ALEIDA – Eyeshadow A 009
Lipstick – DELIA – Lipstick Tattoo in Rosy Pale

Bag – LeLutka – Meanity Bag in Black
Shirt – Baiastice – Lexi in Black
Slacks – Baiastice – Milano Trousers in Dark Blue
Shoes – Eclectica – SLink Black Leather Pumps (Texture Change)

Fireplace – Mudhoney – MudHoney Fall Fireplace

Vibrantly Red

Truth - Faye
I was inspired to do something today…and since I was out and about at the Lazy Sunday event, I grabbed a few goodies from Drift.  I love me some Drift.  It always, for me, has a sort of comfortable flair about it.  I can always curl up and look awesome in something from there!  The chunky scarf is only 75L today Only for Lazy Sunday.  This cute little dress…well it speaks for itself, yes?! Comfortably adorable.

Vibrantly Red
This month at Collabor88 I grabbed the fatpack from Izzie’s for these tights.  They are fit for SLink feet and come in three styles for different heels in SL. They fit my Ingenue Delia heels perfect!

Faye, a new hair from Truth, is soft and sweet, a messy updo that adds some comfortable class to an already sweet set.

Freckles – [iren] – Freckles Mocca – Lucy
Skin – [IREN] – Lucy in Mocca
Hands – SLink – Mesh Relaxed Hands
Earrings – RookHold – Reclaimation Fiery Set

Tights – Izzies – Legwarmers

Eyelashes – Mon Cheri – Falsies Mesh Lashes
Scarf – Drift – Chunky Scarf
Shoes – Ingenue – Delia in Latte
Dress – Drift – Cold Shoulder Dress
Hair – TRUTH – Faye

Set Up For the Fall….

Closely - Harley from TRUTH

I’ve had an incredibly busy week/weekend. I’ve been trying to post this post for ….well a week. -admits- I normally would have given up, but I liked the browns and tans so much I stuck with it. I am glad I did. Truth put out this new hair last week and it’s just darling. A little bit fierce, a little bit cute. I really wish I had the calzones to do my hair this way in real life….but I will wear Truth’s and let it suffice!!!

The Dash Pencil skirt is LOVE from Drift. I like me a Pencil Skirt…it has the ability to make me feel professional and sexy all at once. MAMA LIKES! A few great accessories like the earrings from Magic Nook and the beautiful ring from Bens Beauty round out this vintage classic look!

A - Drift

These stunning little tattoos on the hands? Really cool. I grabbed them at the Body Mod Fair last week from Letis Tattoo. It came with a hud that enables me to change the darkness of the tattoo. I really like that we can do hand tattoos without actually owning the skin…it like fits right over the skin. Extra layer YAY!

The skin is new….for me…maybe for you too! It’s Lucy in Mocca from [Iren] and comes with all sorts of appliers, layers of make ups….it was really inexpensive as well for as much as they put in the set!

Freckles – [iren] – Freckles Mocca – Lucy
Skin – [IREN] – Lucy in Mocca
Hands – SLink – Mesh Relaxed Hands
Earrings – Magic Nook Baroque Earrings
Ring – Bens Beauty – Vintage Ring 3
Eyelashes – Mon Cheri – Falsies Mesh Lashes
Lipstick – R.icielli – Lipstick 11.06
Eyeshadow – MONS – Fallinlove
Blouse – The Sea Hole – Baroque Blouse
Shoes – G-Field – Alex Strap Shoes
Skirt – Drift – Dash Pencil Skirt
Hair – TRUTH – Harley (less Volume)

Tattoo – Letis Tattoo – Rosary

Fall Spooktacular!!!

I told myself I would wait a little before doing another blog for The Fall Spooktacular Event at Leigon…..Only, I couldn’t…so sorry!  First off, the hand tattoos?  Uh…OMG.  Those go amazing with my SLink hands. it actually only works with SLinks hands, but you can contact the creator for a glove layer, Alexandria Enchanted or Landon Mode after you play your gatcha …just a simple lil tattoo cover.  It matches perfect with the crow chest tattoo…both from .Reckless.  and both pretty amazing.   These eyes, these eyes….mesh eyes from [UMBOSHI]….I put on the Hei Purple and Pale Blue to give a lil creepy look.  Speaking of those eyes, the lashes….from Mon Cheri….I like how they frame these eyes!

Truthfully Terrified...
On the 11th, you can get a chance at that collar too, with the steel tips it gives a normally cutesy item a little edge.  I like that!  It’s from .nantes….and there are tons of variety!   There are some great victim and monster poses as well from Gallus….this one is Victim 3..and perfect for showing off my hands!

Okay so one of my favorite items so far…..My Travel Bag from 2:00pm.  Serious?!  It’s spanking adorable and has a hold pose with it.  Looks kinda heavy, huh?  Truth came out with a new hair and I just had to share it with you!  This is Katya and Katya has a great lil hat and this hat has a great lil hud….and this hud has some great options….you should check that out!

Skin – Izzie’s – Eliza in Caramel
Eyes – [UMBOSHI] Eon Eyes – Hei Purple n’ Pale Blue
Hair – Truth – Katya
Tattoo – .Reckless. – Crow Rare Three & Skeleton Hand Tattoo Applier
Eyelashes – Mon Cheri – Falsies Mesh Lashes

Collar – .nantes creep collar – crow silver (RARE)
Sneakers – Una – Ladies Sneakers (OMG Gatcha)
Jeans – Chaos – Ripped Jeans
Tank – Jane – Intrinsic Tank

My Travel Bag – 2:00PM – Pumpkin Gatcha Rare
Pose – .:Gallus:. – Victim 3

Truthfully Colorful Day

Time To Play

I felt a little playful today, can you tell?  I want to share two things with you today, the first is this adorable cardigan from …Mutresse.. at FaMeshed.  You know it has a hud!  Right!  With tons of cute selections for the sweater, the under shirt, the trim, and the buttons!  I love it and the price was outstanding for so many options!  It went perfect with my Fashionably Dead Jeans…and Ingenue heels of awesome.  (Sorry, I still love them too much ladies n’ gents)

Truth Is

The second is this new hair, Anita, from Truth.  I really love the soft little sweep at the brow.  It lends a soft frame for the facial features with little wispy fly aways.  It’s a perfect autumn hair…time to let it down from the hot summer updos!  Long hair keeps a neck warm!

Hair – Truth – Anita
Skin – Izzies – Eliza in Caramel
Eyes – Mayfly – Sapphire Night
Hands – SLink – Relaxed

Eyeshadow – Fishy Strawberry – Kokeshi Eyes
Eyelashes – Garage – Eyelashes 006

Shoes – Ingenue – Pickford Heels in Butter
Jeans – Fashionably Dead – Hand Drawn Skinny Jeans
Cardigan – Mutresse – Jana Cardigan

Necklace – Maxi Gossamer – Royal Autumn Forest Acorn

Outlet Sales Room Event!!

It’s that time again! The Outlet Sales Room Event is brand new with a ton of great deals under 100L!! You need poses, check out the great prop set from Icons of Style. This directors chair and the bag come with a ton of cute bag and director posts. The chair? It’s pretty snazzy, it changes colors and has a lot of poses in it.

Outlet Sales Room Event

Then there is this adorable little case and plant from {Sickly Sweet}…I really love the white and teal colors together and the vintage little flower paper on the inside of the case is HEART!

The Downtown Loft Conversation Station from ~*~ Inspired ~*~ is also filled with poses, friends and couples….and at only 99L it’s a great steal!

Now to the outfit! See that cute little dress? Yepps, Leri Miles Designs and since I am a sucker for vintage, I had to have the Aileen Dress! You could have it too! I snagged a sweet set of heels from Loordes of London…or rather boots, booties? Oh well, they are a treat no matter what they are called. Loordes of London always have the most unique shoes!

Outlet Sales Room

Lets talk about the hair. Truth’s newly released Felicity. I really love this style, it comes with attachable flowers to dress the look up, but it hardly needs it. I really like how the dipped ends curl around in the back of the style…see that there….beautiful! Now, if only we could get the flowers into the hud and get tons of color options (I know I know, I am pushing it! But I love options, don’t you?!)

Truth Hair
You can find all of this (Cept the Truth Hair) at this round of The Outlet Sales Room Event! TAXI!!!

Skin – Izzie’s – Eliza Skin w/Freckles in Caramel
Eyes – Mayfly – Sapphire Night
Hair – Truth – Felicity

Necklace – Glow Studio -Woven & Pearl Necklace
Earrings – RookHold – Harlequin Pearl Earrings
Bracelet – W&B – Diamond & Pearl Bracelet Stack

Dress – LMD – Aileen Dress
Boots – Loordes of London – Burbleary Boots

Bag Poses n’ Directors Chair – Icons of Style
Conversation Station – ~*~ Inspired ~*~
Suitcase n’ Potted Anthuriums – Sickly Sweet

The Girl Called Jill…


I am back on my feet!  Okay, one foot and one boot, but I am moving and that is GOOD!  So…today, before I got up to run my world, I skipped over to Truth to check out their new Releases….releases I will blog later this week, but I saw Jill…..Jill made me smile.  I think I mentioned before that my favorite cow girl hat hair was from elikatira….well ladies and gents, now it’s this one!

Because of the hud system from Truth, I can change hat and hair all I want…I can’t say enough about how glad I am to have a mesh version of this type of hair.  I love me my hats!

So short and sweet, you will love it too!  Gotta go!  Feet need to be walking!

A girl called Jill...

Hair – Truth – Jill in Browns
Skin – Izzies – Eliza skin in Caramel
Eyes – Mayfly – Sapphire Night

Hand – SLink – Relaxed
Shirt – Fashionably Dead – Button Shirt Open – Dark Denim
Corset – Fashionably Dead – Corset Top – Cream
Jeans – ATOMIC – Skinny Jeans – Ink

Shoes – Duck Nipple – Thena Boots

Elf Dreams and Champagne Fairy’s…

Funny thing….the last time I dressed up as something that wasn’t me….it was with Aeva//Heartsick Skins. So it seemed kismet when I saw this set from her for the Outlet Sales Event…..(Admittedly, I accidentally wore the male skin first…and freaked myself out.) BUT nonetheless, its stunning, with so many options. There are SLink huds in for your feet….then her own feet installed as well….then lush/lola appliers…both options and never mind the options of skin/cleavages. You can get this set this coming round of Outlet Sales Room Event and since everything is under 100L….YES that’s right, you get awesome for next to nothing.

Dreams of Fairies n' Elves...

I wanted to go find some medieval outfit to go with it, but then I remembered I had this beautiful leather brown gown from Maai and decided on that instead….also with appliers so everything fit nice and snug! I really love how she combines prims and mesh to offer some really realistic movements in the gown….we still get the flow of a gown feeling without our legs coming willy nilly loose!

In the spirit of Gogo’s Bubblegum Weekends I coupled this new Truth Release Rocky with a color out of my normal choices….with all the dark browns and auburns of the fall, the color, for me, livened things up. I really like this hair, its a cute style and the band on the ponytail is loaded into the hud so we can change that too! Nifty that….did I mention I hate chasing my nose all over to get a menu….thank you Truth Hawks, thank you!

Truth - Rocky

O.M.E.N……is pretty evil, just sayin’….when you spend so much at a place they send you a personal thank you note…you know your in some serious linden troubles….not to mention he had more gatcha over at The Season’s Story…yeah, I got me some fall Martini’s, cupcakes, and hot toddy like things…that I love. Won’t be trading them this season!

Eyes – Mayfly – Forest Green
Skin – Aeva – Fable: Blood Elf (Paris)
Shape – Aeva – Enchant Shape
Teeth – Aeva – Teeth
Ears – Aeva – Fable Elf Ears
Hair – Truth – Rocky

Necklace – Half-Deer – Forest Spirit Necklace (Owl)

Gown – Maai – Draga in Brown
Cape – Milk Motion – Wool Cape in Brown

Gatcha Items

[ba] silver and leather coffer – neutral
Lark – Imaginarium Librarium Roots
O.M.E.N. – Fairytales – Snow White – Glass Tray RARE
{vespertine- attic chair/wood}
Lark – Imaginarium Librarium Treasures
+Half-Deer+ Carved Woodland Animals (White Owl)
Baiastice_ Porcelaine Fairies – Drama
Baiastice_ Porcelaine Fairies – Popstar
O.M.E.N – Fall Delights – Hot Soy Latte
O.M.E.N – Fall Delights – Cupcake – Pumpkin Spice
O.M.E.N – Fall Delights – Cream & Spice Martini

Autumn’s Teatime

Autumn Tea Time...

This week I purchased a new vendor system for ~*~ Inspired ~*~ and RH and I have been frantic in getting it set up. It’s a vera cool system and with our newest venture into medieval role play designs, it is a great tool! ANYWAY, so I was pretty stoked to have a few minutes this morning to rest, and by rest I mean do a blog! This little tea set is one of my favorites. I remember when we made it last fall, it had just a cute little feel to it and it is one of our best sellers. Right now you can get the Pumpkin Cider Deck on sale at our Mainstore….

BUT enough about that….lets talk about the new hair from Truth. Hello everyone, I’d like to introduce you to Anessa. I really adore this style, it has this band of leaves across the crown that sits perfectly in the style. It’s subtle but …just beautiful. Normally I tend to lean to the blacks, but their brown hud has these rich deep colors with subtle hints of red and lighter colors, darker colors….I think I am in love with them. At least for the fall season!
Truth Hair - Anessa

I snagged this outfit at The Seasons Story yesterday and fell in love…in love. I love the sweater, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the textures on it are outstanding and it has this large bow in the back from B.C.C (Sorry, I didn’t have a chance to grab that shot, trust me, its super cute). I also got the slacks, Scarlett in Brownie, as well and they are also from B.C.C. (What does that stand for?! I looked and couldn’t find it….is it bad I don’t know….seriously, I feel like its a secret staring me in the face, like Color.Me.H.O.F…I have to know!) I probably look like a goofball, but oh well!

The fun little leaves play is from :Kirin Poses:: Autumn Leaves Pose and Prop….that you can also get at The Seasons Story.

The Seasons Story

Skin – Belleza – Ashley in Tan
Eyes – Mayfly – Deep Sea
Hair – TRUTH – Anessa

Lipstick – Pink Fuel – Cocoa Sheer Balm
Earrings/Necklace – ~*~ Inspired ~*~ – The Golden Acorn Set

Slacks – B.C.C – Scarlett Pants (Brownie)
Sweater – B.C.C – Breakfast At Tiffany’s (Vintage Flowers)
Shoes – Ingenue – Delia Heels for SLink Latte

Deck Set – ~*~ Inspired ~*~ Pumpkin Cider Deck

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