The Collage…Shopping Spot!

The Collage

I’ve talked before about The Collage, but these bunch of designers have inspired and encouraged me so very muchly that I thought it was time to share again!! The Collage is a group of designers who have come together to form a great shopping area for all your home & garden needs and wants.  Unique and authentic designs that make your space feel comfortable and updated without paying an arm and leg!  I think you should stop by…pick up some cute little things to spruce up your space!  I did!

Also, the hair?  Yes?  I love love love love it….may never take it off…love it.  It’s done so well, but I expect that from LeLutka.  She never disappoints!

Shopping w/ LeLutka

I have a daisy flower fetish….admittedly, it is an odd one…but there it is.  I really love flower prints and yellow is def one of my most loved colors.  I grabbed this skirt from [MotiAme] Bow Flare Skirt and the top too!  It’s an adorable combination…that makes me think I need to go shop there a few more times!


Strawberry Singh – Monday Meme Windlight Settings….

I had time, I had ambition…..lets see if we can bring this to fruition…..Monday’s Meme from Strawberry Singh seemed, to me, a good way to give back.  I’ve gotten my WL settings from her, Luna, and Gogo, as well as others and my photography wouldn’t be the same without them.  So here goes it…

Monday Meme

Do you use windlight while taking pictures? If not, why not? I do, more often recently because it was a bit intimidating. But, I am learning to play around a little bit. Worst case scenario, I close up and start all over.

When taking a closeup snapshot for a profile picture, which windlight preset do you use most often? Ha….Either one of Gogo’s, I like her Juicy Loves You…and Strawberry Singh’s Close Ups…

Which windlight presets do you use for full body portraits? Hmm….honestly, It depends on if I am out of my skybox or not….if I can see the horizon…I mess around with different ones until I got what I like….I don’t really have a GO TO.

If you do landscape photography, which windlights do you use for that most often? I…haven’t done much landscape photography…but now I wanna try…geesh. How about….THIS?! TADA!  I used their land windlight settings and fogged out the horizon…cause I hate seeing it sometimes.  These are raw, but for some kind.

Landscape - Raw Shot
Landscape Attempt - Raw Shot

Do you have any tricks or tips that you could share for using Windlight effectively? I think it’s all a matter of preferences. No real tricks here except do what you think looks good….oh and if you are outside, make sure your horizon, if you can see it, isn’t weirdo. I always manage to make mine green or some weird off the wall color.

Have you created any windlights that you would be willing to share with us? I wish I did, windlight settings, like the ones I’ve collected from Luna Jubilee, Strawberry Singh, and Gogo are Gold!

UPDATE: I have managed to do some trading for The Arcade…..I made my own Google Doc. I AM ONE OF THEM NOW -wink wink nod nod-

These Shots were taken at Misali, Hazardous 

Skin – Belleza – Ashley in Tan
Eyes – Mayfly – Deep Sea
Hair – LeLutka – Adile in BournvilleFade

Hands/Feet – SLink

Bracelet – ASO! – National Flag Bracelet (Israel) (The Arcade)
Earrings – LaGyo – Baroque Earrings in Silver (The Arcade)
Necklace – Dead Apples – Antlers Chain Necklace Marble/Silver (The Arcade)

Stockings – Izzie’s – Cat Tights in Brown (Used with SLink Appliers)
Dress – Miel- Peasant Dress w/Hud

Happy Fourth of July

A little late, I have been busy celebrating the 4th of July……but I couldn’t let the day go by without showing my red, white, and blue. I’ve seen the LeLutka hair floating around and it made me remember all the cute little hats I had gotten from Lelutka but hadn’t worn. I really hate messing up hair to fit into a hat or stretching a hat so much its huge and awkward….so I thought I’d try it out.

Happy Fourth of July
You know I don’t do many hats but…O…M…G….In…Love. I got to wear my Catherina Hat from Lelutka….which is fabulous. No really, look at it. It’s a perfect mixture of classic and stylish. Simple and elegant. I paired it with my red and white stripped Blouson Dress from Toxic. The White came in on my {mon tissu} Open Work Wedges, super cute. The bracers, inlaid in gold, are from OMEN, this months group gift and a great grab.

I don’t do a lot of tattoos…though I think I may in the near future. The Tiny Hear Mole from Tuli…another group gift.

I feel pretty patriotic right now and I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!


Hair – Lelutka – GOGO
Skin – Pink Fuel – Alena in Chai
Eyes – Mayfly – Deep Sea
Feet n’ Hands – SLink Mesh
Tattoo – Tuli – Tiny Heart Mole
Lipstick – Pink Fuel – Elly Juicy Gloss in Soft Pink

Hat – Lelutka – Catherine in Blue
Dress – Toxic – Blouson Dress in Red Stripe
Shoes – {mon tissu} – Open Work Wedges in White

Bracers – OMEN – Stormborn Bracer in Gold

Coffee Time w/ Pure….

I love coffee, but I restrain myself to one cup a day…..I mean, the size of the one cup a day varies, but today it was a travel cup.  After a quick stop to get some java….and stare at the yummie cakes…today promises to be productive and fun!  This little number you can, if you go right now, get it for 60L.   The Farah Romper is super cute and I am a cammer of under skirts, shorts, and dresses to make sure my cha cha is not out…..this romper has little insert shorts close to my leg so no peek shows!  That alone makes it a winner in my boy.   Katy is coming along with her line and each week I am more and more impressed with what is coming out of her Original Mesh Designs.  The bow on the romper is not overpowering or too cutsey…I don’t feel like a little girl wearing the romper….I feel like having some fun.  WATCH OUT WORLD!
Pure - Farah Romper

Okay, I am calm now….whoa….too much coffee in that cup.  After yesterday’s post about Miel’s use of color changers, menus, and huds, I thought I’d grab what else I have in there and so these Hipster Peepers turned up….oh so nice to adjust on your face.  Length, width, sizes, colors….these are in tortoise shell…I don’t know when I plan on taking them off now that they are on.  Be prepared.  I also grabbed my Friendo Set necklace and bracelet that you can change the words on and adjust the little beads.  I really spent a good majority of my morning playing with the set….I admit it!

Coffee and Snacks w/ Pure

Lastly….the hair Scarlet….from LeLutka…is yum.  She has paired the Mesh with some moving parts so the hair has a realistic look when my head moves which I really adore.  Nevermind the shading of the hair so that it looks like the sun just spilled over it.  I am not normally a blonde-y, but today felt a little more sunshine then most so I went out on a limb.

Miel Friendo Set

Enjoy your day everyone….and rest!

Poses – Glitterati Headshots N Awkward Silence

Hair – LeLutka – Scarlet in MarilynFade
Eyes – Mayfly – Monet Dawn
Skin – Pink Fuel – Alena in Chai

Glasses – Miel – Hipster Peepers Tortoise Shell
Jewelry – Miel – Friendo Bracelet and Necklace

Eye Shadow – I Aleida I – Eyeshadow A 005
Lashes – Natural Beauty – Lashes 10
Lipstick – Mock – Luxe Lip Creme *Pia*

Shoes – HOC – Country Wedges
Romper – Pure – Farah Romper Dotty

Shoes Blues….Options and Huds

I was meandering through blogs yesterday and read about Gogo’s conundrum of sales events…..she had a valid point about blogging the events that last only 24 hours. It’s hard to get it down, out there, and seen…..bloggers have lives! Still, some items hit the blogs anyway because sale or not, you need to go and get it.
Miel Nautica Dress

Such as this dress from Miel. I’ve gotten a lot of really cute items from Miel….from jewelry to hair, from shoes to pants outfits…..and her ability to script her menus for these designs make them must haves. It’s like getting a hundred dresses in one. She has really utilized the whole menu options…and has been for a while now.

I did snag this dress yesterday for 50L….and I may or may not feel a little bad about that, considering on the day to day, I’d pay up to 750 for it. I am not sure what the non sale price is, but ladies….it comes with …well it’s just easier to snag a pic of the hud. Along with the quality of the design, the options, it’s a very cute dress that can take you right into fall with a cute sweater or something. (I always count how long I can actually wear something season wise, it’s weird, I know)

Meil Hud

Digging through my piles of jewelry, which admittedly, is not very recent….(I am partnered to the owner/designer of RookHold Jewelry and I feel like I am cheating if I buy new jewellery lol) …but old or new, AMD doesn’t disappoint. The Crater Set in Stone is a perfect pairing for the dress and it comes with a “Little Rock Bracelet” that is dainty and well…not craterish. (Is that a word? Can I use it anyway?)

Apple May Designs - Crater Set

I want to talk about the shoes from Redgrave. -clears throat- I adore. Yes, I do….while I am lusting after SLink and their options, right now funds is limited….but a few weeks ago RH and Ky went on and on about these shoes and I even got three (I KNOW) as a gift that day. Thank you Sir Engel! These are really beautifully made.

Redgrave - Celina

I love the detail and the ease in which I can match to my skin. I really like the texture detail on the portion of the foot that slides into the shoe! But…..the options on the shoes are great…it’s like another hundred in one…only not a hundred. I realize….right now I am on and on about the options and I am about to say….WE WANT MORE…WE WANT MORE!!!

Redgrave Hud

The color options have the normal red (Thats sorta a coral instead), black, brown, white options….great….and a weird orange color, an off tan, and a baby blue, and a purple?. o.o PLEASE GIVE ME MORE COLORS!!! I love a dark blue and a bright yellow and a cute pink and maybe less of a lime green and more of a hunter? So….to Regrave I leave this video….

Pose – ibang – without purpose
Record Player and Pallet Table – ~*~ Inspired ~*~

Hair – Exile – Hearts Don’t Breakeven
Eyes – LeLutka – Ellis in Ivy Small
Skin – Pink Fuel – Alena in Chai
Lips – Pink Fuel – Elly Juicy Gloss Natural
Lashes – Garage – Eyelashes Seven Tattoo
Nails – Jamman – Ultra Mesh Fingernails

Dress – Miel – Nautica Dress Fat Pack w/Hud
Shoes – Redgrave – Celina
Jewelry Set – Apple May Designs – Crater Jewelry Set in Stone

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