Oldie But Goodie…

ploom - honey

Remember that dress!!!  I always do that…I get something, forget about it, find it later and go….OH I remember that dress.  It paired so cute with the sandals from Gizza and the cute little elephant cuff from (Yummy) (A collabor88 find) that I had to use it in a post.  I scored this cute cut, Honey from ploom, at this years Hair Fair.  I love when it just all comes together.  Enjoy!




Slink – Female Feet Flat – Medium
Slink – Mesh Hands – Relaxed

Hair – .ploom. – Honey Indesicive
Eyes – Buzz – Crystal Eye Avada
Skin – Izzie’s – Eliza in Carmel
Lipgloss – Iren – Lipgloss in pink

Dress – Celoe – April in Envy
Shoes – Gizza – Flat Sandals w/ Beads
Cuff – (Yummy) – Elephant Cuff




Silk, Diamonds, and Pearls…

Truth - Snow
I just love this little number. But mostly, the newest release from Truth, Snow. Serious, look how the tips curl into the little side. It ropes in the back too. I really love the way the color folds into the coiffe.

Let’s talk about relaxed elegance. This dark robe from Steffen Garcia is stunning paired with these Kasos shoes from Hucci. The jewel on the heel is perfect and the lace covering is gorgeous. I just really love them….can you tell?

Silk, Diamonds, & Pearls

Yummy has a beautiful set this month over at Collabor88 so don’t forget to stop through. I have to say, the prices over there this month were pretty good! Most things I wanted were 188 or 88L….which is a good stuff!

My Own Celebration

Truth - Melita
I really hope everyone is having a splendid new year….mine is off to a good start.  To celebrate, I decided to take myself out.  Zeplins it was, that’s right up my alley.  A nice little quiet lounge with a stage for music, acts, or whatever.  Comfy little corners to curl up and have a drink.  Yep, I liked it just fine.  It didn’t hurt that I had a relaxed little party look going on. I said it, relaxed and party in the same sentence.  The Jersey Low Back from .:ryolter:. fits the bill and pairs up with the new tights from Izzie’s found at this round of TDR…I love some stockings I can pair up with my SLink feet.  Speaking of feet, do you see those jammin’ heels? They are Leagues T-Bar Pumps.   I saw them over at the Shoe Fair this year, but I was saving up for the FATPACK.  GOT IT! LOVE IT!

Maxi Gossamer Tiffany Set
Truth had a great cut to go with the outfit, it scoops around the back perfectly to show off that low back dress and the Maxi Gossamer Tiffany necklace.  Serious, it just all made for a perfect get up to get out and have some fun.   Enjoy your day!

Out On My Own

Poses – Marukin

Eyes – UMEBOSHI – Haru Teal
Skin – Izzies – Eliza in Caramel
Eyeshadow – MOnS Savage – Fallinlove in navy
Lipstick – Mock – Luxe Lip Cream

Stockings – Izzies – Heart Tights TDR
Earrings/necklace – Maxi Gossamer – Tiffany Set
Shoes – League – T-Bar Pumps in Blue
Dress – .: ryolter :. – Jersey Low-Back Tunic in Black
Hair – Truth – Melita

It’s That Ho Ho Holiday Feeling!

ISOn, Ingenue, and More
It has been much too long and I call Holiday Insanity as reason. I have had the opprotunity to blog a lot of great items, but the season seemed to steal all my time. Still, I wanted to share this blog with you, simply because I adore this jacket. I had the chance during the BoHo fair to blog for EASTERLinG and I really enjoyed the HUD options on their clothing. Rather than purchase all colors, you get one set with a hud, much like DRIFT does! I likey!!!

Also, the jacket is splendiferous…look how cute it looks with this Dress from ISOn (Please ignore my n button, it is not working well….I have to paste it in every place it goes, another reason I’ve not been blogging!!!) It suits the dress and scarf to perfection!

Label Motion has some great subscriber gifts and this month its some great poses with these tasty candy canes. A MUST HAVE!

HoLidays w/ EASTERLInG!

Before I head out for the holidays, I wish you all a wonderful Holiday Season, a very Merry Christmas, and an absolutely Stunning new Year!!!

Eyes – UMEBOSHI – Eon Eyes in Teal

Skin – Izzie’s – Eliza in Caramel w/Freckles
Hair – Exile – Bad Reputation

Jacket – *EASTERLinG* – Angelina Jacket w/Hud
Glasses – Faun – Vintage Ferren Frames in Black
Bracelet – Cae – Synergy
Shoes – Ingenue – Brigita Boots
Dress – ISOn – Asymmetric Tank Dress
Scarf – ISOn – Oversized Infinity Scarf

Poses – Label Motion – Xmas Subscriber Gift

Vibrantly Red

Truth - Faye
I was inspired to do something today…and since I was out and about at the Lazy Sunday event, I grabbed a few goodies from Drift.  I love me some Drift.  It always, for me, has a sort of comfortable flair about it.  I can always curl up and look awesome in something from there!  The chunky scarf is only 75L today Only for Lazy Sunday.  This cute little dress…well it speaks for itself, yes?! Comfortably adorable.

Vibrantly Red
This month at Collabor88 I grabbed the fatpack from Izzie’s for these tights.  They are fit for SLink feet and come in three styles for different heels in SL. They fit my Ingenue Delia heels perfect!

Faye, a new hair from Truth, is soft and sweet, a messy updo that adds some comfortable class to an already sweet set.

Freckles – [iren] – Freckles Mocca – Lucy
Skin – [IREN] – Lucy in Mocca
Hands – SLink – Mesh Relaxed Hands
Earrings – RookHold – Reclaimation Fiery Set

Tights – Izzies – Legwarmers

Eyelashes – Mon Cheri – Falsies Mesh Lashes
Scarf – Drift – Chunky Scarf
Shoes – Ingenue – Delia in Latte
Dress – Drift – Cold Shoulder Dress
Hair – TRUTH – Faye

All That Boho….

The Boho Fair & Damselfly

This morning I have a ton of great things to share from the BoHo Culture Fair! It started this week and you can find a ton of great goodies there! I really love this elephant shirt. It is so cute and it gives me a “easy breezy beautiful cover girl” feeling…if you know what I mean -wink- The boots have this suede look to them, seriously, I want them in real life because they look so comfortable. Soooo comfortable! They are from [R]3hab and if I were you…I’d grab me a few pair for the coming winter.

Bliensen + MaiTai show their colors with these beautiful saucer earrings and the for SLink hands nail polish Flowers. I paired the earrings with the pretty hair feathers from Cae.B. They came in the Yellow Bazzar outfit for only 20L….I’d pay that just for the feathers, but you get the entire outfit. The braided leather bracelets are from Shabby Cat and I may not take them off anytime soon.

All the Boho

Stopping through the gatcha area you can get this cute back pack from JPK….the colors are vibrant and the pack is, as you can see, a great fit!  The poses are also from the Boho Fair, from Apple Spice!

It all came together for me, but the Belle hair from Damselfly set it off perfect. It’s a comfortable style that looks like you sorta tried to do something with it….you know, just like Belle from Beauty and the Beast….least a ways that’s how I always saw it…like she was too busy reading to go all out for her hair but it was adorable anyway. Alright…I am going to stop talking now…lol

Here is your taxi to the Boho Culture Fair 2013!!

Skin – Izzies – Eliza/Caramel
Hair – Damselfly – Belle in Dark Brown
Lipgloss – Pink Fuel – Juicy Lipgloss
Eyes – UMEBOSHI – Hei Eon Eyes
Nail Polish – Bliensen + MaiTai For SLINK Hands – Flowers

Hair Feather – Cae.B – Crazy Hair Feather (From Yellow Bazzar Outfit)
Earrings – Bliensen + MaiTai – Saucer Earrings in Orange
Necklace – Label Mode – Minerva in Bronze
Bracelets – Shabby Cat – Braided Leather Bracelet in Turquoise

Jeans – Grixdale – Lazy Sunday Denim
Shirt – Envyme – Hippie Elephant Ladies Shirt
Boots – [R]3hab – Lazy Day Boots in Mud
Backpack – JPK – Embossing Leather Back Pack (GATCHA ITEMS)

Poses – Apple Spice – Blogger/Sweet Poses

Flow of Fall with Damselfly

I remember buying Damselfly Hair for back when I was barely started in SL. I got caught up in some other designers, but recently had a chance to reconnect with Damselfly. I am so glad I did! This New release from them is absolutely stunning. Gillian is a Mesh Design that gives a little bit of a breezy blown look that is perfect for fall. I like the soft flow of it over my cheek.

Damselfly - Gillian

I cannot get enough of the eyes, I know, blogged already, but just sayin…..I still love them. UMEBOSHI Eon eyes can be gotten tomorrow at Legion’s Fall Spooktacular Event. There will be GATCHA!

The ISON Awesome this month from Collabor88 just made my day! This jacket has a hud….again you guys know I love a hud with options. It allowed me to change the under shirt color so I was able to match it great with my LeeZu Madison Pants. Have you ever gotten something because you loved it and just knew you would not get a chance to wear it often enough? That’s how I feel about these pants. They are really well done, I just can’t ever get rid of them, wear them or not!


Last, but not least….the ISON Made for SLink gladiator sandals….I love how they fit right over my calf. No shifting or need to adjust or resize…just instantly right. I am liking instant results!!

kin – Izzie’s – Eliza in Caramel
Eyes – [UMBOSHI] Eon Eyes – Hei Purple – Fall Spooktacular Gatcha!!
Hair – Damselfly – Gillian
Eyelashes – Mon Cheri – Falsies Mesh Lashes

Pants – LeeZu – Madison/Silver
Jacket – ISON – Leather Asymmetrical Jacket/Plum
Shoes – ISON – Lace Up Gladiator Sandals/Plum

SLink Hands & Feet

A Legion Of Events

Fall Spooktacular Event

Hmmm….With all the events going on during the upcoming holiday season, I gotta say, I am pretty excited about the Fall Spooktacular Event that I didn’t even know about until today. I was roaming about looking for a good Halloween type sim to snag a few shots when I remembered I had been meaning to stop through The Legion Project. Yeah….about that place? Awesome! There are so many little nooks and crannies to play in, but before I could rezz I got an IM….yep, having a fair and I was all up in the wrong spaces. I wasn’t surprised, I tend to go about with blinders on, but the young woman who redirected me was so sweet. Ya know sometimes people in SL forget about kindness, consideration, and just offering a welcome feeling, even if they are booting you from an area! LOL I kid.

Trick or Treat

In any case, I got some great information on an event coming up this week. It kicks off with THREE DAYS OF MUSIC! Starting on the 11th and lasting through the Holiday to the 31st, you can stop by, listen to some great music, hang out with friends, oh…and shop….shopping is good! As if I haven’t spent enough on gatchas this season….THERE WILL BE MORE!! All about Halloween, All about Creepy/Spooky…..so if your running low on the lindens and need some awesome stuff…make plans to attend!

Legion is a great sim, it is filled with a lot of great things to do….and rather then go on and on, I invite you to check it out. Here, Here, and Here

While travelling about today, I picked up some goodies. Initially, I wasn’t planning on going to the Candy Fair, because….who needs more sugar? I have tons! BUT, then I saw the super awesome cuteness that is Lark’s Cat Candy Bucket. Yep, I scoured three sims for it and I LOVE IT!

Truth is out with a sweet new hair! Vida is a very cute updo with a flourish of braid across the temple that dresses it up a little. I like wispies and there are many wispies!

Truth Hair - Vida
The Boston Glasses from Sleepy Eddy are def perfect for my face and the lens light on it…that isn’t photography, that’s texturing and pretty awesome! I think the color goes perfect with my Zaara Urvi Chandelier Earrings and my crawly cute Siegfried Lizzard from Bliensen + MaiTai.

SLink did get some of my lindens this weekend…..the crop jeans and Sigoureney boots….-sighs- why oh why are you so adorably awesome? WHY!!!……..Okay, I am good, I am! They fit so perfect together and I needed a good fall boot so here we go!

Fashionably Dead’s Tweed Box Coat….I love, love, love it. I don’t like that little peek hole inside the coat, I don’t even know if you can see it, but a cute shirt underneath and all is well! The lines along the coat give me a deco feel….its pretty much a keeper! I think….I’ve talked your ear off enough today! Thanks for listening!

Skin – Izzies – Eliza Caramel
Eyes – Crash Republic – Rebel Eyes Blue
Hair – Truth – Vida in browns
Hands – SLinknsn – Relaxed

Nails – FLAIR – No. 58

Broach – Bliensen + MaiTai – Siegfried Lizzard
Earrings – Zaara – Urvi Chandelier Earrings
Glasses – Sleepy Eddy – Boston Glasses (OMG Gatcha)

Coat – Fashionably Dead – Tweed Box Coat – Old Rose
Capri – SLink – Crop Jeans in Navy
Boots – SLink – Sigourney Boots in Umber

Bucket – Lark – Candy Bucket (Cat) (Candy Fair)

The Girl Called Jill…


I am back on my feet!  Okay, one foot and one boot, but I am moving and that is GOOD!  So…today, before I got up to run my world, I skipped over to Truth to check out their new Releases….releases I will blog later this week, but I saw Jill…..Jill made me smile.  I think I mentioned before that my favorite cow girl hat hair was from elikatira….well ladies and gents, now it’s this one!

Because of the hud system from Truth, I can change hat and hair all I want…I can’t say enough about how glad I am to have a mesh version of this type of hair.  I love me my hats!

So short and sweet, you will love it too!  Gotta go!  Feet need to be walking!

A girl called Jill...

Hair – Truth – Jill in Browns
Skin – Izzies – Eliza skin in Caramel
Eyes – Mayfly – Sapphire Night

Hand – SLink – Relaxed
Shirt – Fashionably Dead – Button Shirt Open – Dark Denim
Corset – Fashionably Dead – Corset Top – Cream
Jeans – ATOMIC – Skinny Jeans – Ink

Shoes – Duck Nipple – Thena Boots

We all get a second chance….

Izzie's & Lucifer's Heart

Admittedly, my prudish sensibilities were upset at the notion of Phat Azz…..seriously? Who wants to call their ash that? I mean, I know the difference between Phat and Fat…I do…but gah! Still, I think it is important to be able to be diverse…and part of that is being allowed to embrace all shapes and forms. I think a round bottom is also very important….cause its cushiony and stuff.

A woman is made of curves, in my opinion, and soft places for small heads to lay and weary minds to rest hands….we are meant to be soft and curvy….that is just my opinion. So with that in mind I went to go purchase me some Phat Azz. I didn’t have any skins from Izzie’s, and I been hearing…as I am sure so have you, they have the appliers and I love some appliers, its a hud right?! Right.

Phat Azz

So I went for a full make over and I have so many attachments on right now it’s surprising to me how naked I am! LOL! I like the Phat Azz for these reasons….

It’s very easy to figure out and adjust w/ appliers and you can change the skin shades cause it is modifiable to match up if you must. (I know I needed a comma in there someplace)

I like that it also allows me to shape, though limited, the booty wear.

I dislike it for these reasons…..

While I can adjust size, it is limited to hip areas that have potential of making me an invisible pony rider. Not a look I am going for.

I have to keep my body fat at 0 and I don’t like doing that, but this is more a personal preference then issue with the product.

I hope more people hop on the Phat Azz bus, designer wise. I wanna be able to use them more then skipping around my skybox.

I would recommend it though, if for nothing more then offering a different dimension to your photos, your bedroom, and well…eventually designers will catch on and we will get to wear it out and about. BOOTY BOO!

Since I did purchase a brand new skin for this, I wanted to point out that I adore this skin from Izzie’s. I wanted something a little more sweet and some freckles and this Eliza skin hit the spot. Pairing it with my new Venus hair from Truth in some red tones made for a perfect setting for Izzie’s Cute Cotton set with the Phat Azz and Lola appliers. It matches my brand new Lulu in Lime SLink Heels from Lucifer’s Heart….that is currently at Outlet Sales Room…RIGHT JUST NOW!

So here is the funny list of things I am wearing….I am highly amused!

SLink Mesh Feet w/Izzie’s appliers in Caramel
SLink Mesh Hands Casual w/ Izzie’s appliers in Caramel
Cute Cotto Undies in Green w/ Lola and Phat Azz appliers
Lulu Heels in Lime for SLink Feet
Skin – Izzie’s – Eliza Skin in Caramel
Eyes – Mayfly – Sapphire Night
Phat Azz – Luck Inc.

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