Oldie But Goodie…

ploom - honey

Remember that dress!!!  I always do that…I get something, forget about it, find it later and go….OH I remember that dress.  It paired so cute with the sandals from Gizza and the cute little elephant cuff from (Yummy) (A collabor88 find) that I had to use it in a post.  I scored this cute cut, Honey from ploom, at this years Hair Fair.  I love when it just all comes together.  Enjoy!




Slink – Female Feet Flat – Medium
Slink – Mesh Hands – Relaxed

Hair – .ploom. – Honey Indesicive
Eyes – Buzz – Crystal Eye Avada
Skin – Izzie’s – Eliza in Carmel
Lipgloss – Iren – Lipgloss in pink

Dress – Celoe – April in Envy
Shoes – Gizza – Flat Sandals w/ Beads
Cuff – (Yummy) – Elephant Cuff




Cold Nights Ahead

Cold Days Ahead

Some clothes, I have found, don’t have a definite slot.  I mean only that sometimes you have a piece of clothing that is highly versatile…I feel that way about this keach dress from ColdLogic.  With heels it can be a stylish fall fashion, with sneakers a cute fall dress to play in the leaves with,  and with these awesome Deco Paraboots something a little more fierce!  See how that works?  It makes for a good style if you ask me.  I like variety!

The hair, Hadley from Tameless, is a good pairing.  I like Tameless….I have seen the brand grow a lot over the years.  They are doing mesh hair now with the addition of flexi to make it less stiff.  I like the combination and I look forward to seeing more from them.

Skin – IREN – Lucy in Mocca
Freckles – IREN – Freckles in Mocca
Eyes – Mayfly – Deep Sky Eyes in Sapphire
Hands – SLink – Medium Relaxed
Eyelashes – MonCheri – Falsies Eyelash
Eyeshadow – ALEIDA – A 010
Lipstick – Garage – Lipstick v.16

Hair – Tameless – Hadley in Naturals
Jewelry – KOSH – OLEN Set

Dress – ColdLogic – keach in gray
Shoes – Deco – Paraboots
Socks – Fri. – Knee Socks w/ SLink Appliers

I Want Ribbons and Chains…

Phoebe - Teardrop Mesh Earrings n Necklace
Member, earlier this week when I was all. “I don’t blog very much formal wear!” well….clearly I cursed myself. BUT O…M…G! Seriously!? You wanna know what I got today? FOR 50L?! WHAT! So…there I was….walking along, minding my business at The Dressing Room….when what should appear? This fanfookintabulous gown…winking at me from the side, come hither’ing me with its ties and sleek look. With three versions only 50L each. Yes..that’s right ladies, you can be a dominatrix too…or just be sizzling.

Did I mention it comes with appliers.  Yeppers Ladies…Yeppers!

Maai - Dominatrix
Of course, finding the PERFECT pose for the dress was a bit hard….I spent lindens, very many lindens, to find the right pose…because I am too lazy to just go try out poses sometimes. Anyways, I ended up using poses I already had -faints- BUT oh wells.  I did use the Cog Prop from Virtual Props…I need to do a pose/prop page fo’ reals.

When I saw the dress, things started piling in my head! I had just seen this top hat at Fameshed and it was nice, but what would I wear it with. So I bypassed it. After I saw the dress, I went back for it. They suit, I say, they suit! Then I snagged these fierce earrings and necklace to pair it with….


Some dramatic dark lips and shadowed eyes…and well ladies and gentleman, there you have it.
Skin – Belleza – Ashley in Tan
Eyes – Mayfly – Deep Sea
Hands – Slink – Casual

Breasts – Lush’s (The applier is for Lola’s but I just make it work!)

Beauty Mark – Miamai – LesMakeups Birthmark
Eyeshadow – I ALEIDA I – Eyeshadow A
Eye Lashes – Maxi Gossamer – Wild Full Thick
Lipstick – Pink Fuel – Elly Glame Lipstick Vampire

Jewelry – Phoebe – Teardrp Mesh in Zebra (Outlet Sales Room Event)

Dress – Maai – Dominatrix Front and Back in Black (The Dressing Room) 
Tophat w/Hair – Miamai – Barons Top Hat Onychinus (FaMeshed)

Falling All Over You….

Beach Street @ Outlet Sales Event

I sprained my ankle…about two weeks ago. I am going a little insane sitting here doing nothing while it heals. So thus, you get more blogs then normal. Sorry? Not really, it is allowing me to catch up on things here without much guilt -winks-….

Falling Hard...

Indyra Designs has come out with a cute new set of tanks, wet n’ dry ones people….with the appliers. Now, knowing me, I headed right over to check see. Not that I plan on walking around SL in wet appliers, BUT….it would be a cute little tank dry for a long skirt or under a nice jacket….like Rebel Hopes Kyndal Leather. Gosh, I could go on…I am increasingly impressed and glad Rebel is stepping away from the gowns into more casual wear. I know I’ve said that before, but I am saying it again.

Lola Appliers

I am not much of a daredevil these days, since my ankle sprain, but least I can get a lil klutzy in SL. This Fall Branch Decor from Beach Street is a perfect way to announce the FALL IS HERE PEOPLE!!! You can get this out the 22nd Round at the Outlet Sales Room Event….it’s happening….just sayin….Fall and The Outlet!

I better go…build or something. Enjoy your day!

Skin – Belleza – Ashley in Tan
Eyes – Mayfly Deep Sea
Lipstick – R.icielli – Lipsticks 11/06

Hair – Magika – Nonsense
Hands – SLink – Casual

Scarf – League – Snood/Tribal
Jacket – Rebel Hope – Kyndal Leather Jacket in Brown
Jeans – Indyra Originals – J’aime Jeans in Sepia
Tank – Indyra Originals – J’aime Tank Diesel (Wet & Dry Tanks)

Boots – G- Field – Short Lace up Boots in Brown

Branch Decor – beach street – Fall Branch Decoration (AT OUTLET SALES ROOM EVENT)

How I Love Hair….Let Me Count The Ways…


I know we all love some [elikatira] hair. It’s been a while since they have had some new things but….I know why. The designer, Elika Tiramisu, has been in her secret laboratory doing AMAZING!

[elikatira]  Tallulah

Now, I am an avid hair buyer, but more recently I have been trying to purchase styles I do not already have or something simular. But really, there is only SO many ways you can do your hair….right? WRONG!

[elikatira] has basically redone her colors a bit, added in a very very cool hud….and has a load of great new styles.

BUT….wanna know what I am most excited about? Lookit that hair tattoo…..It’s so sweet looking, brushed a little forward and made to match the colors of hair. I got this Tallulah in Essentials and it comes with 12 hair bases to make the hairs included. The hud…yes lets talk about this hud. The Tallulah, along with the essential colors, of which there are 12…also come with 6 faded or dye dipped colors as well. Now, if that isn’t worth the purchase, then you click the little button there…for accessories…and I can change that bow into 14 different colors. Usable colors!!!

Essentials Hair Hud - [elikatira]

Accessories Hud -[elikatira]

I also purchased the Jennie in Ravens. Same hud, same options….the ONLY thing is, it did not come with the hair bases and because the line of ravens has some grays, nice nice grays by the way…see, I would have loved hair bases for all of them as well. I know that is a lot of work though…and who knows, maybe the Mad Genius is working on them!

[elikatira] - Jennie

I had to blog these…I didn’t even change my dang clothes yet….I love [elikatira] hairs…have ever since my first purchase….pictured below….I am very excited to see what comes next from her. Maybe the mesh version of this hair…cause honestly, it’s my go to for cow girl day -winks- No, I kid….she won’t be updating old hairs, they’ve been retired…member that huge sale? Well, I hope she does another version of it, a girl can dream -le sigh-

The pricing has increased a little, but come on you are getting so much more. “What was previously L$250 for 5 colors is now L$350 for 18.” Isn’t so bad…ya know? Least I am not complaining, I can play in this new and improved hud all day long, it even has a picture of the hair it goes with.

WHO AM I KIDDING…..The hair has always been awesome….lookit the textures on this hat….-wonders off to play with her hair-

[elikatira] - Claim

[elikatira] Hair 1 – Tallulah – Essentials
[elikatira] Hair 2 – Jennie – Ravens

Hair 3 – Claim – Rich Browns (Retired)

Shirt – Zaara – Bandhni Hanky Top in Beige

Goodnight Sweetheart….

Hmmm….two in one day…..as the day winds down for me, I know exactly what I want to slip into. I grabbed this vintage slip and bra set at this months COLLABOR88 and I do not regret it. In fact, I may go back for the rest. In a world where soft, elegant, and still sexy lingerie is rare, this just fits the bill for me.

Goodnight Sweetheart...

The bedroom set is from ~*~ Inspired ~*~ and an original mesh design. The pallet style fits perfectly in my loft and suits since it’s called The Downtown Loft Bedroom Set. It has a bunch of places to add in some pictures, a comfy newsprint bedspread with pillows to spare. Along with the lighting on the boards, it’s filled with friend, single, couple, and…adult poses. It’s low prim for so much and you can get it at The 24 Event on the 23rd. I think I did mention to mark that date, yes?

So, I am going to slip between these sheets and hit the hay for the night, thanks for keeping me company and tucking me in.

Skin – Belleza – Ashley in Tan
Eyes – Cool Beans – Visionary in Mystic
Hair – Truth – Josephine in Expresso

Hands & Feet – Slink Mesh

Nightie – Fashionably Dead – Roaring Night Clothes in Cream

Bedroom Set – ~*~ Inspired ~*~ – Downtown Loft Bedroom Set or The 24

That Elegant Prose….

Let me start off first by saying….it is rare I do a blog about formal wear. Not because I don’t like it, I love it….but I always feel like….all dressed up with no place to go! BUT….when I saw this from Masoom….I had to blog it. One….it comes with appliers and if you follow my blog, you know I am on a mission to find my style of fashion with the appliers! Upon further research….I found the designer has a plethora of clothing with appliers. Heaven!

[[ Masoom ]] - Cella Gown - The 23 Event

So…onto the Cella Gown…..the beautiful lines are elegant and seamless. It makes me feel absolutely fabulous and while I know I have to take this off after this blog, I am saving it for my next night out!!! I am wearing my Lushes so while the appliers are made for Lola’s, you Lush Lovers can get some action too! I really love this dress…I can’t say enough about it. You can find it this month at The 24 Event starting on the 23rd at Masoom for ONLY 350L and keep a look out for her adorable Nimi Gatcha Shirts….50L a shot!

Ingenue - Pickford Heels O.M.G

I paired the gown with my new favorite shoe, Ingenue’s Pickford Heels from this month’s COLLABOR88. -sighs- I always get a few colors in a shoe I love unless it has a hud….but I seriously love these shoes. I seriously love anything from Ingenue….seriously. I am so serious I am a heart attack…and I bought the fatpack. I couldn’t decide which color I’d use most and in the past week I’ve used four different ones. Welllllll worth the purchase. I was showing them off to RH this week and he was adequately impressed by their awesome….he called them “Nice.” and I called them. “WONDERFUL” and him, smart as a tack, picked up that he needed to find a better word. “Very Nice.” (I love that man….)….and finally I think I may or may not have yelled. “THEY ARE DARLING, THAT’S WHAT!” To which he replied…”Yep, that’s the exact word I was looking for.” So….if I say they are darling and he agrees….then they are mo fo darling. LOOKIT THEM! OH OH and they are fitted for SLINK feet….-sighs- really? Seriously? Go get the shoes…you won’t regret it.

The Bridge Fountain - Atelier - The 24 Event

I couldn’t just wear the outfit for a few minutes….I needed to go for a stroll and feel stunning for a bit. This Mesh Fountain Bridge from Atelier Visconti is filled with poses…for couples, singles, males, females….it’s a really nice little fountain to have set out for you and friends to enjoy. Or you know, for a walk in a gown….so you can feel a little magical. You can find this bridge at The 24 event as well so put the 23rd on your calendar, you aren’t going to want to miss this.

Celle Gown

Last, but not least, this hair, Yuri, is at The Outlet Sales Room this round from Alice Project. I don’t know if you have their hair, or have tried it out, but the fact that it comes with the color changing hud for all sorts of colors and shadings is pretty awesome. I used the brown with the black tips cause…I like it! There are three other great hairs on sale for 100L or less so head over, grab you some.

The 24 Event LM (Won’t work til 23rd) 
The Outlet Sales Room

Bridge – Atelier Visconti – 100% Mesh (Find at The 24)

Skin – Belleza – Ashley Tan
Breasts – Lush 1.3
Eyes – Mayfly – Deep Mesh in Monet
Hair – Alice Project – Yuri (Find at The Outlet Sales Room)
Feet & Hands – Slink – Mesh Feet Med and Hands Casual

Jewelry – MG – Positana Night in Silver n’ Black
Lipgloss – Wow Skins – Tessa Gloss in Red

Dress – [[ Masoom ]] – Cella Gown (Find at The 24)
Shoes – Ingenue – Pickford Heels in Ebon (Find at COLLABOR88)

Shoes Blues….Options and Huds

I was meandering through blogs yesterday and read about Gogo’s conundrum of sales events…..she had a valid point about blogging the events that last only 24 hours. It’s hard to get it down, out there, and seen…..bloggers have lives! Still, some items hit the blogs anyway because sale or not, you need to go and get it.
Miel Nautica Dress

Such as this dress from Miel. I’ve gotten a lot of really cute items from Miel….from jewelry to hair, from shoes to pants outfits…..and her ability to script her menus for these designs make them must haves. It’s like getting a hundred dresses in one. She has really utilized the whole menu options…and has been for a while now.

I did snag this dress yesterday for 50L….and I may or may not feel a little bad about that, considering on the day to day, I’d pay up to 750 for it. I am not sure what the non sale price is, but ladies….it comes with …well it’s just easier to snag a pic of the hud. Along with the quality of the design, the options, it’s a very cute dress that can take you right into fall with a cute sweater or something. (I always count how long I can actually wear something season wise, it’s weird, I know)

Meil Hud

Digging through my piles of jewelry, which admittedly, is not very recent….(I am partnered to the owner/designer of RookHold Jewelry and I feel like I am cheating if I buy new jewellery lol) …but old or new, AMD doesn’t disappoint. The Crater Set in Stone is a perfect pairing for the dress and it comes with a “Little Rock Bracelet” that is dainty and well…not craterish. (Is that a word? Can I use it anyway?)

Apple May Designs - Crater Set

I want to talk about the shoes from Redgrave. -clears throat- I adore. Yes, I do….while I am lusting after SLink and their options, right now funds is limited….but a few weeks ago RH and Ky went on and on about these shoes and I even got three (I KNOW) as a gift that day. Thank you Sir Engel! These are really beautifully made.

Redgrave - Celina

I love the detail and the ease in which I can match to my skin. I really like the texture detail on the portion of the foot that slides into the shoe! But…..the options on the shoes are great…it’s like another hundred in one…only not a hundred. I realize….right now I am on and on about the options and I am about to say….WE WANT MORE…WE WANT MORE!!!

Redgrave Hud

The color options have the normal red (Thats sorta a coral instead), black, brown, white options….great….and a weird orange color, an off tan, and a baby blue, and a purple?. o.o PLEASE GIVE ME MORE COLORS!!! I love a dark blue and a bright yellow and a cute pink and maybe less of a lime green and more of a hunter? So….to Regrave I leave this video….

Pose – ibang – without purpose
Record Player and Pallet Table – ~*~ Inspired ~*~

Hair – Exile – Hearts Don’t Breakeven
Eyes – LeLutka – Ellis in Ivy Small
Skin – Pink Fuel – Alena in Chai
Lips – Pink Fuel – Elly Juicy Gloss Natural
Lashes – Garage – Eyelashes Seven Tattoo
Nails – Jamman – Ultra Mesh Fingernails

Dress – Miel – Nautica Dress Fat Pack w/Hud
Shoes – Redgrave – Celina
Jewelry Set – Apple May Designs – Crater Jewelry Set in Stone

Oh LAQ Why Have You Forsaken Me?! WHY!!!

I don’t think I am the only one who does it…..but when I find a skin I adore, all my huds, shoes, feet, nails, cleavage tattoos, lush, and tango’s match that skin.  It takes a long time to do but once it’s done, then you know when you put them on, everything is set.  Lately I’ve been a little….impatient maybe?  Sad…mostly…..I love love love my LAQ Susan skin.  She is grown up without being garish and soft without being a baby face….she’s perfect.   But……BUT…..with all the new appliers for feet, hands, nails, jumblies, and the lot….I been feeling a little left out.  LAQ Hasn’t put any of them out….I go back weekly to see if they have caught up with everyone and nothing.  I have resisted buying the SLink feet and hands because I want to wait for LAQ to get out their appliers….

My Attic

I am afraid it doesn’t look like that is happening.  I haven’t seen anything new from them skin wise in a bit.  I don’t wanna put Susan away….but I am afraid if I don’t, I will fall behind the rest of the advances in SL Fashion.  I want pretty nails and feet and hands and jumblies!  I WANT IT ALL!!

That being said….I did take off Susan today….It may be a while before I find one I love as much as her, one skin who looks like….me, if that makes sense.  In the mean time, this beautiful Alena in Chai from Pink Fuel will do in a pinch.  It’s a little less adult then I would like, but there is really no complaint on the level of quality of Pink Fuel skins.

Dragging myself out of my building block today, I went over to My Attic and snagged this adorable hair from ploom. I really love their styles over there…whenever I want something a lil more edgy, they always seal the deal for me and this hair gives me a nice beachy keen feel with the cute little stars that go perfectly with the Undine earring set from Bliensen + MaiTai.  Love ’em!


And all of it goes ….I wonder sometimes if designers con conspire….because the hair, the earrings….the go perfect with the new Letty Straples from .:Pure:.  The dress is really beautiful and the details around the top of the hemline gives it a really finished feel.  Also, the alpha fits me perfect and sometimes that is a shot in the dark!  I got a big butt and I cann’t lie…O.O  It also comes with the bangles that are scripted with a resizer, yay!  You can grab this dress at the store for only 60L!  WHA?  Yep, that’s what I said.. 60L!!

I also tossed on my nails from Jamman….v.5 is out….and my meshly feet from PXL..I am wondering if they will do the same appliers as SLink did…again, another one of those things I am holding out on buying more feet and hands for…

Under the Boardwalk Beach Event JULY!

Last, but not least….-wiggles brows- I grabbed this shot at the spot settled for the Home & Garden “Under the Boardwalk” Beach Event in July…..it’s going to be a great event….all the items are at least half off original price and I’ve seen a ton of really cute items any summer home needs…..any beach needs.  There is going to be a beach party to start things off and tons of cute little gatcha machines to grab trinkets from….so mark your calendars!!  I will post more about this event later!

Feet – Pixel Mode – Bare Feet
Eyes – Mayfly – Deep Sky Sapphire Night
Skin – Pink Fuel – Alena in Chai
Hair – ploom – Kat in Darkbrown
Nails – Jamman – Ultra Mesh Fingernails
Lip Stick – Pink Fuel – Elly Juicy Gloss Natural
Necklace – Maxi Gossamer – Cross of Cordelia
Earrings – Bliensen + MaiTai – Undine Earrings
Bracelet – Letty Bangles w/ Resize
Poses – oOo Studio – Distance Poses
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