The Jewelry & Accessory Expo

RookHold @ Jewelry & Accessory Expo

This season has fallen on me like a manic…I have fallen behind, but I have to admit…dressing up in this fancy number just…did it for me.  I feel gorgeous and less exhausted.  Like I am not running to keep up!  The dress, from Drift, was a steal today for Black Friday…the night is still young, go get one for 50% Off!

I have begun to tip toe into jewelry making and you can get my first attempts at the Jewelry & Accessory Expo that starts December 6th.  The Moon Cresent Ring from RookHold Jewelry is stuffed with 14 different colors with a color change with a clickity click!  Also, the red nails?  SLink from RookHold!!  You can get them both at the Expo.

AIDORU @ Jewelry & Accessory Expo

The Heels are also part of the Expo….and a great pair from AIDORU…they KILL with this dress, just sayin.  With a hud to change the skin and the nailpolish!  Still, don’t let me leave out Son!a’s beautiful Serra Ruby Jewelry Set.  It comes with a gold and silver set..stunning!! Last, but def not least is this beautiful head piece from Shen Zhou…it is one of the Gatcha’s at the Jewelry & Accessory Expo…a MUST HAVE!!

Son!a @ Jewelry & Accessory Expo

Hair – Ploom – Mortimer

Eyes – UMEBOSHI – Eon Eyes in Teal

Skin – Izzie’s – Eliza in Caramel
Hands – SLink – Casual Mesh Hands
Lashes – MonCheri – Falsies Eyelashes (MESH)
Nail Polish – RookHold – Christmas Red/Cream Nailpolish (Jewelry & Accessory Expo)

Ring – RookHold – Cresent Moon Ring (Jewelry & Accessory Expo)
Hair Accessory – Shen Zhou – Silver Rare (Jewelry & Accessory Expo)
Jewelry Set – Son!a – Serra Jewelry Set in Silver/Ruby (Jewelry & Accessory Expo)

Dress – Drift – Sexy Lil Dress
Shoes – AIDORU – Elite Pumps (Jewelry & Accessory Expo)


The Collage Event


I am so excited about this event!  The concept is familiar, but the set up is so unique!   I snapped a few quick shots to show everyone! If you love Home & Garden, you will love this event!   A lot of exclusive mesh designs, it’s filled with unique builders with a passion for what they do!  Each month starts a new round on the 23rd….that’s right…TODAY is the first of many!


These designs will be for sale for two weeks before it closes to set for the next round!

Stop by, check it out, enjoy yourselves!

The Collage Event

I think also, the event is looking for bloggers, so please contact Arya Braveheart if you are interested!


Cold Nights Ahead

Cold Days Ahead

Some clothes, I have found, don’t have a definite slot.  I mean only that sometimes you have a piece of clothing that is highly versatile…I feel that way about this keach dress from ColdLogic.  With heels it can be a stylish fall fashion, with sneakers a cute fall dress to play in the leaves with,  and with these awesome Deco Paraboots something a little more fierce!  See how that works?  It makes for a good style if you ask me.  I like variety!

The hair, Hadley from Tameless, is a good pairing.  I like Tameless….I have seen the brand grow a lot over the years.  They are doing mesh hair now with the addition of flexi to make it less stiff.  I like the combination and I look forward to seeing more from them.

Skin – IREN – Lucy in Mocca
Freckles – IREN – Freckles in Mocca
Eyes – Mayfly – Deep Sky Eyes in Sapphire
Hands – SLink – Medium Relaxed
Eyelashes – MonCheri – Falsies Eyelash
Eyeshadow – ALEIDA – A 010
Lipstick – Garage – Lipstick v.16

Hair – Tameless – Hadley in Naturals
Jewelry – KOSH – OLEN Set

Dress – ColdLogic – keach in gray
Shoes – Deco – Paraboots
Socks – Fri. – Knee Socks w/ SLink Appliers

The Ember Clause….

Ya know, there are a lot of really great bloggers out there. They inspire, encourage, and challenge us. I love the photography skill of Strawberry Singh. I enjoy the…entertaining but informative posts at JuicyBomb.

But there is one blog that no matter when I look at it, I am impressed, inspired, and encouraged. It has nothing to do that she is a distant cousin, I promise. Evion Ember at AnotherDamnSLBlog is my absolute favorite. Her photography always has this dreamy soft look that I love and her style is right down my alley. Classic, beautiful, and always a lady (Not to say others aren’t)

I’ve read her blogs and she has always shown herself to be kind and well spoken.

When I take my photographs, its her that I most want to emulate and honestly, when I get a star on flickr from her, it makes my day!

Today I was browsing through flickr and went to her profile to check out her new photographs…up until now, her ballet photo with slink feet and the Baiastice skirt had been my fav….but after looking again through her photographs, I can’t imagine how I narrowed it down to that ONE…they are all stunning.

Nine times out of ten, if she blogs something I don’t have….I end up getting it. Thats the biggest reason I know she is awesome…she creates sales for vendors! I am not sure why, but whenever I think of Evion, I think of Baiastice….so in honor of that spirit….I’ve gone shopping!

Last year I reacquainted myself with Baiastice…probably because of some style I saw from Evion…and since, this has remained one of my favorite outfits. It has a comfortable classy look that I really love.
The Ember Clause....
The Lexi sweater from Baiastice sits right over the top of the Milano Trousers. That’s the biggest pet peeve I have about mesh…when I want to layer or pair shirts with slacks…they stick out in odd places sometimes, but that isn’t a problem here at all. Nevermind the slim detail of the belt on the slacks…perfect pairing so far as I am thinking.

This Ebony style from Truth is a favorite as well, the cut of the bangs is dramatic and yet soft. It doesn’t make the angles of my face look harsh, so yes, its a big love! It frames the lay of the Classic Romance Necklace from EarthStones.

I snagged these Black Leather Pumps from Eclectica today and they fit perfectly. SLink shoes…with a texture change along the buttons and trim. They are something every girl needs in their inventory.

If you haven’t read her blog, or haven’t visited in a while, I encourage you to take a tour!

Skin – IREN – Lucy in Mocca
Hair – TRUTH – Ebony in Expresso
Hands/Feet – SLink Mesh

Bracelet – Yummy – Crystal Cluster/Quartz
Necklace – EarthStones – Classic Romance – Sapphire Gold
Watch – Donna Flora – Samara Watch

Eyelashes – MonCher – Falsies Mesh Eyelashes
Eyeshadow – ALEIDA – Eyeshadow A 009
Lipstick – DELIA – Lipstick Tattoo in Rosy Pale

Bag – LeLutka – Meanity Bag in Black
Shirt – Baiastice – Lexi in Black
Slacks – Baiastice – Milano Trousers in Dark Blue
Shoes – Eclectica – SLink Black Leather Pumps (Texture Change)

Fireplace – Mudhoney – MudHoney Fall Fireplace

The Chilly Side of Fall….

Fall Effects
As we all count down towards the Holidays it is, for me anyways, when things out doors seem to slow down and all our indoor things begin.  Curling up near a fire, working on last years forgotten projects….whatever it is you fill up your time with, I hope it keeps you warm!

Me?  Well, I reorganized my inventory!  I’ve decided to do pull out a few older things, but things I love nonetheless!  As I metaphorically tossed clothes over my head, I found this skirt under all my Ingenue things.  I hurriedly put it on and paired it with a simple top from paper.doll.  To be fair to paper.doll…this is not all of the shirt.  It has a bottom part, but I didn’t need it for this outfit.  I like the soft lace look of it.


I am finding the colors from Damselfly’s hair is really beautiful.  I am partial to their reds right now, it has a really pretty depth to it.  This style is their Kenley Release.

Now, I am off for that hot apple cider and a book, have a great Monday evening!

Skin – IREN – Lucy in Mocca
Hair – Damselfly – Kenley in Reds
Eyes – Mayfly – Deep Sky in Sapphire
Hands – SLink
Eyelashes – MonCher – Falsies
Lipstick – Garage – v.14

Bracelet – Bliensen + MaiTai – Zarah
Scarf – MIEL – Maki Scarf w/ Color Changer

Skirt – Ingenue – Lauren Skirt in Merlot
Shirt – paper.doll – Sydeny in Cream
Shoes – NYU – Oxford Heels in Beige

Vibrantly Red

Truth - Faye
I was inspired to do something today…and since I was out and about at the Lazy Sunday event, I grabbed a few goodies from Drift.  I love me some Drift.  It always, for me, has a sort of comfortable flair about it.  I can always curl up and look awesome in something from there!  The chunky scarf is only 75L today Only for Lazy Sunday.  This cute little dress…well it speaks for itself, yes?! Comfortably adorable.

Vibrantly Red
This month at Collabor88 I grabbed the fatpack from Izzie’s for these tights.  They are fit for SLink feet and come in three styles for different heels in SL. They fit my Ingenue Delia heels perfect!

Faye, a new hair from Truth, is soft and sweet, a messy updo that adds some comfortable class to an already sweet set.

Freckles – [iren] – Freckles Mocca – Lucy
Skin – [IREN] – Lucy in Mocca
Hands – SLink – Mesh Relaxed Hands
Earrings – RookHold – Reclaimation Fiery Set

Tights – Izzies – Legwarmers

Eyelashes – Mon Cheri – Falsies Mesh Lashes
Scarf – Drift – Chunky Scarf
Shoes – Ingenue – Delia in Latte
Dress – Drift – Cold Shoulder Dress
Hair – TRUTH – Faye

Set Up For the Fall….

Closely - Harley from TRUTH

I’ve had an incredibly busy week/weekend. I’ve been trying to post this post for ….well a week. -admits- I normally would have given up, but I liked the browns and tans so much I stuck with it. I am glad I did. Truth put out this new hair last week and it’s just darling. A little bit fierce, a little bit cute. I really wish I had the calzones to do my hair this way in real life….but I will wear Truth’s and let it suffice!!!

The Dash Pencil skirt is LOVE from Drift. I like me a Pencil Skirt…it has the ability to make me feel professional and sexy all at once. MAMA LIKES! A few great accessories like the earrings from Magic Nook and the beautiful ring from Bens Beauty round out this vintage classic look!

A - Drift

These stunning little tattoos on the hands? Really cool. I grabbed them at the Body Mod Fair last week from Letis Tattoo. It came with a hud that enables me to change the darkness of the tattoo. I really like that we can do hand tattoos without actually owning the skin…it like fits right over the skin. Extra layer YAY!

The skin is new….for me…maybe for you too! It’s Lucy in Mocca from [Iren] and comes with all sorts of appliers, layers of make ups….it was really inexpensive as well for as much as they put in the set!

Freckles – [iren] – Freckles Mocca – Lucy
Skin – [IREN] – Lucy in Mocca
Hands – SLink – Mesh Relaxed Hands
Earrings – Magic Nook Baroque Earrings
Ring – Bens Beauty – Vintage Ring 3
Eyelashes – Mon Cheri – Falsies Mesh Lashes
Lipstick – R.icielli – Lipstick 11.06
Eyeshadow – MONS – Fallinlove
Blouse – The Sea Hole – Baroque Blouse
Shoes – G-Field – Alex Strap Shoes
Skirt – Drift – Dash Pencil Skirt
Hair – TRUTH – Harley (less Volume)

Tattoo – Letis Tattoo – Rosary

A Little Bit Sassy….Blogging Truthfully

The Orange Works @ Boho Fair

This morning I was browsing blogs and a normal go to is JuicyBomb. I really enjoy her blogs…sometimes I think she is a lil harsh, but I have, in the past, wondered how I stack up against her blogs. Admit it….you all do it! (hopes they do!). She talked about her ability to write what she feels….in reference to what she is reviewing…and if you read her blog, you know she is going to tell it how it is!

Myself, I tend to blog the things I love….so I rarely give a bad review on something. As a designer….I don’t do it because it shed’s a bad light on products of a designer. I cringe from doing that. So I wonder, does it make my posts boring and washed out? Can I be creative enough to entertain my readers and still give good honest reviews?

Do I do myself a justice by blogging what I love….am I being fair to designers who have trusted me with their work? It left me with a lot of questions. I, by no means, say Gogo is right or wrong. She blogs how she feels comfortable blogging and I agree we all need our own special styles. I just….I never want to seem washed out, boring, or without real content. So how do you blog what you love, be honest, and not be boring? HA HA? AM I even making sense?

In any case, I suppose I can only continue to do what I feel is right for me. Maybe it makes me washed out and boring, but there you have it….least its honest.

I know I want to grow as a blogger….for a long time it was all about getting down the basics of SL photography. I think I am doing well there…maybe now it’s time to work on my content a little more. What do you think?

A Little Bit Sassy

But Onward to the clothes. The skirt and blouse are from Slave Dressing Room and come with some really great options hud wise. I like the hud, I wish the texture options were more neutral colors, it is hard to match with other things, but options are as always, a big plus!

I really love the holsters here from TwInS FaShIoN….they are a unique accessory that gives the outfit a lil sass…I like sass! I am still wearing the exclusive for Boho Skin from 7 Deadly Skins…again, it is hard to take it off when it matches my hands and feet so well! Besides, she is a little sassy too!

After all this thinking and all this shopping, it’s time to pull up a sofa or chair and take a break…The Orange Works offers this cute sofa/chair set at the Boho Culture Fair. I am off to ponder my blog….feedback…so welcome!

Skin – 7 Deadly Skins – BohoExclusive Dark
Hair – Truth – Stephania
Eyes – UMEBOSHI – Eon Eyes Teal
Freckles – Izzies – Eliza Freckle Carmel
Mesh Hand/Feet – SLink
Eyelashes – Garage – 007
Lipgloss – Pink Fuel – Cocoa Juicy Gloss (Petal)
Tattoo – Flaunt – Briar Rose Sleeves Tattoo

Guns – TwInS FaShIoN – Cami Holsters in Brown
Earrings – Motivaction Store – Boho Earrings (Gift)
Bracers – The Forge – Viking Bracelets

Top – Slave Dressing Room- Criss Top w/Hud
Skirt/Belt – Slave Dressing Room – Nori Gypsy Skirt & Belt w/Hud

The Orange Works – The Miri Sofa Chair

Some Boho Business

Boho Business
I am sorry, I couldn’t help it…..but still, it’s pretty impressive I managed to find something Boho Business! Admit it! LOL…..first, let’s talk about this skin from 7 Deadly Skins. It comes with all the appliers you need….which for me and skins is a super big plus. This one is exclusive to the Boho Fair, so if you like, run over and get it before it’s gone. I really like the little color around the eyes myself.

7 Deadly s{K}ins @ Boho Fair

Dream Catcher Tank from Shabby Cat has a really nice flowy feel to it and along with the bracelets (This time in black/blue) bring the Boho to the business that is Kaithleen’s Corduroy Slacks. I admit, they may be a new staple of mine. How cute are they?!

The hair, from Truth, is older….but it fit the theme of the day perfect. Besides, you can change the little beads on the band…so it makes it a versatile hair! Yesh! Clearly though, the band wasn’t enough for me, I hand to toss in the Hippie Band from !1MM….

Alright dears, I am out for the day….Have a great shopping day!!

Skin – 7 Deadly Skins – Boho Exclusive in Dark
Hair – Truth – Boho in Dark Brown
Eyes – UMEBUOSHI – Eon eyes Teal
Freckles – Izzies – Eliza’s Freckles

Nail Polish – DBF – SLink Halloween Set
Hair Band – !1mm – Hippie Band Leaves
Tote – MTC – Boho Tote
Shoes – Glam Affair – Roxette Shoes October

Slacks – Kaithleen – Corduroy Pants in Blue
Shirt – Shabby Cat – Dream Catcher Tank Gray
Bracelet – Shabby Cat – Braided Leather Bracelet (Black/Blue)

Poses – Apple Spice – Sweet Poses

All That Boho….

The Boho Fair & Damselfly

This morning I have a ton of great things to share from the BoHo Culture Fair! It started this week and you can find a ton of great goodies there! I really love this elephant shirt. It is so cute and it gives me a “easy breezy beautiful cover girl” feeling…if you know what I mean -wink- The boots have this suede look to them, seriously, I want them in real life because they look so comfortable. Soooo comfortable! They are from [R]3hab and if I were you…I’d grab me a few pair for the coming winter.

Bliensen + MaiTai show their colors with these beautiful saucer earrings and the for SLink hands nail polish Flowers. I paired the earrings with the pretty hair feathers from Cae.B. They came in the Yellow Bazzar outfit for only 20L….I’d pay that just for the feathers, but you get the entire outfit. The braided leather bracelets are from Shabby Cat and I may not take them off anytime soon.

All the Boho

Stopping through the gatcha area you can get this cute back pack from JPK….the colors are vibrant and the pack is, as you can see, a great fit!  The poses are also from the Boho Fair, from Apple Spice!

It all came together for me, but the Belle hair from Damselfly set it off perfect. It’s a comfortable style that looks like you sorta tried to do something with it….you know, just like Belle from Beauty and the Beast….least a ways that’s how I always saw it…like she was too busy reading to go all out for her hair but it was adorable anyway. Alright…I am going to stop talking now…lol

Here is your taxi to the Boho Culture Fair 2013!!

Skin – Izzies – Eliza/Caramel
Hair – Damselfly – Belle in Dark Brown
Lipgloss – Pink Fuel – Juicy Lipgloss
Eyes – UMEBOSHI – Hei Eon Eyes
Nail Polish – Bliensen + MaiTai For SLINK Hands – Flowers

Hair Feather – Cae.B – Crazy Hair Feather (From Yellow Bazzar Outfit)
Earrings – Bliensen + MaiTai – Saucer Earrings in Orange
Necklace – Label Mode – Minerva in Bronze
Bracelets – Shabby Cat – Braided Leather Bracelet in Turquoise

Jeans – Grixdale – Lazy Sunday Denim
Shirt – Envyme – Hippie Elephant Ladies Shirt
Boots – [R]3hab – Lazy Day Boots in Mud
Backpack – JPK – Embossing Leather Back Pack (GATCHA ITEMS)

Poses – Apple Spice – Blogger/Sweet Poses

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