The Ember Clause….

Ya know, there are a lot of really great bloggers out there. They inspire, encourage, and challenge us. I love the photography skill of Strawberry Singh. I enjoy the…entertaining but informative posts at JuicyBomb.

But there is one blog that no matter when I look at it, I am impressed, inspired, and encouraged. It has nothing to do that she is a distant cousin, I promise. Evion Ember at AnotherDamnSLBlog is my absolute favorite. Her photography always has this dreamy soft look that I love and her style is right down my alley. Classic, beautiful, and always a lady (Not to say others aren’t)

I’ve read her blogs and she has always shown herself to be kind and well spoken.

When I take my photographs, its her that I most want to emulate and honestly, when I get a star on flickr from her, it makes my day!

Today I was browsing through flickr and went to her profile to check out her new photographs…up until now, her ballet photo with slink feet and the Baiastice skirt had been my fav….but after looking again through her photographs, I can’t imagine how I narrowed it down to that ONE…they are all stunning.

Nine times out of ten, if she blogs something I don’t have….I end up getting it. Thats the biggest reason I know she is awesome…she creates sales for vendors! I am not sure why, but whenever I think of Evion, I think of Baiastice….so in honor of that spirit….I’ve gone shopping!

Last year I reacquainted myself with Baiastice…probably because of some style I saw from Evion…and since, this has remained one of my favorite outfits. It has a comfortable classy look that I really love.
The Ember Clause....
The Lexi sweater from Baiastice sits right over the top of the Milano Trousers. That’s the biggest pet peeve I have about mesh…when I want to layer or pair shirts with slacks…they stick out in odd places sometimes, but that isn’t a problem here at all. Nevermind the slim detail of the belt on the slacks…perfect pairing so far as I am thinking.

This Ebony style from Truth is a favorite as well, the cut of the bangs is dramatic and yet soft. It doesn’t make the angles of my face look harsh, so yes, its a big love! It frames the lay of the Classic Romance Necklace from EarthStones.

I snagged these Black Leather Pumps from Eclectica today and they fit perfectly. SLink shoes…with a texture change along the buttons and trim. They are something every girl needs in their inventory.

If you haven’t read her blog, or haven’t visited in a while, I encourage you to take a tour!

Skin – IREN – Lucy in Mocca
Hair – TRUTH – Ebony in Expresso
Hands/Feet – SLink Mesh

Bracelet – Yummy – Crystal Cluster/Quartz
Necklace – EarthStones – Classic Romance – Sapphire Gold
Watch – Donna Flora – Samara Watch

Eyelashes – MonCher – Falsies Mesh Eyelashes
Eyeshadow – ALEIDA – Eyeshadow A 009
Lipstick – DELIA – Lipstick Tattoo in Rosy Pale

Bag – LeLutka – Meanity Bag in Black
Shirt – Baiastice – Lexi in Black
Slacks – Baiastice – Milano Trousers in Dark Blue
Shoes – Eclectica – SLink Black Leather Pumps (Texture Change)

Fireplace – Mudhoney – MudHoney Fall Fireplace

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  1. Oh my goodness <33 You almost have me in tears!

    I just simply adore you as well my love, and no it has nothing to do with the last name we share! The few words we have spoken through media always manage to put a smile on my face even at the worst of times. Your photos and soft style are amazing, and I think you are most eloquent and I often think about your posts for probably longer than one should 🙂

    I also squee a little when I see you have faved or liked something of mine as well……..and love that you adore Baiastice also 🙂

    For once I am almost speechless…………….this has to be the most wonderful compliment I have ever received and I thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤
    You have made my day once again and I love you to bits!!

    the other Ember 🙂


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