A Little Bit Sassy….Blogging Truthfully

The Orange Works @ Boho Fair

This morning I was browsing blogs and a normal go to is JuicyBomb. I really enjoy her blogs…sometimes I think she is a lil harsh, but I have, in the past, wondered how I stack up against her blogs. Admit it….you all do it! (hopes they do!). She talked about her ability to write what she feels….in reference to what she is reviewing…and if you read her blog, you know she is going to tell it how it is!

Myself, I tend to blog the things I love….so I rarely give a bad review on something. As a designer….I don’t do it because it shed’s a bad light on products of a designer. I cringe from doing that. So I wonder, does it make my posts boring and washed out? Can I be creative enough to entertain my readers and still give good honest reviews?

Do I do myself a justice by blogging what I love….am I being fair to designers who have trusted me with their work? It left me with a lot of questions. I, by no means, say Gogo is right or wrong. She blogs how she feels comfortable blogging and I agree we all need our own special styles. I just….I never want to seem washed out, boring, or without real content. So how do you blog what you love, be honest, and not be boring? HA HA? AM I even making sense?

In any case, I suppose I can only continue to do what I feel is right for me. Maybe it makes me washed out and boring, but there you have it….least its honest.

I know I want to grow as a blogger….for a long time it was all about getting down the basics of SL photography. I think I am doing well there…maybe now it’s time to work on my content a little more. What do you think?

A Little Bit Sassy

But Onward to the clothes. The skirt and blouse are from Slave Dressing Room and come with some really great options hud wise. I like the hud, I wish the texture options were more neutral colors, it is hard to match with other things, but options are as always, a big plus!

I really love the holsters here from TwInS FaShIoN….they are a unique accessory that gives the outfit a lil sass…I like sass! I am still wearing the exclusive for Boho Skin from 7 Deadly Skins…again, it is hard to take it off when it matches my hands and feet so well! Besides, she is a little sassy too!

After all this thinking and all this shopping, it’s time to pull up a sofa or chair and take a break…The Orange Works offers this cute sofa/chair set at the Boho Culture Fair. I am off to ponder my blog….feedback…so welcome!

Skin – 7 Deadly Skins – BohoExclusive Dark
Hair – Truth – Stephania
Eyes – UMEBOSHI – Eon Eyes Teal
Freckles – Izzies – Eliza Freckle Carmel
Mesh Hand/Feet – SLink
Eyelashes – Garage – 007
Lipgloss – Pink Fuel – Cocoa Juicy Gloss (Petal)
Tattoo – Flaunt – Briar Rose Sleeves Tattoo

Guns – TwInS FaShIoN – Cami Holsters in Brown
Earrings – Motivaction Store – Boho Earrings (Gift)
Bracers – The Forge – Viking Bracelets

Top – Slave Dressing Room- Criss Top w/Hud
Skirt/Belt – Slave Dressing Room – Nori Gypsy Skirt & Belt w/Hud

The Orange Works – The Miri Sofa Chair

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  1. for all its worth, I’m in the same boat lol. And let’s hope we ain’t letting out the oars anytime soon. Before I started Cozey, I created a schedule spreadsheet thing to organize my thoughts and publish dates, slurls etc..at the very top of the document is a phrase I bolded, underlined and colored red, and it reads “Remember, This is supposed to be Fun! The minute you feel like it becomes an obligation? Log off and Kill some Creepers” 😀

    I’m pretty new at this too, but we have the great advantage of learning from all these other epic SL bloggers and channeling some of their inspiration to mesh with our vision, and that’s pretty cool in of itself. Keep up the great work, you’re doing great!

    • Kill some Creepers! Yes! You are right….it is supposed to be fun. Also, I am impressed by your level of organization! ❤


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