A Legion Of Events

Fall Spooktacular Event

Hmmm….With all the events going on during the upcoming holiday season, I gotta say, I am pretty excited about the Fall Spooktacular Event that I didn’t even know about until today. I was roaming about looking for a good Halloween type sim to snag a few shots when I remembered I had been meaning to stop through The Legion Project. Yeah….about that place? Awesome! There are so many little nooks and crannies to play in, but before I could rezz I got an IM….yep, having a fair and I was all up in the wrong spaces. I wasn’t surprised, I tend to go about with blinders on, but the young woman who redirected me was so sweet. Ya know sometimes people in SL forget about kindness, consideration, and just offering a welcome feeling, even if they are booting you from an area! LOL I kid.

Trick or Treat

In any case, I got some great information on an event coming up this week. It kicks off with THREE DAYS OF MUSIC! Starting on the 11th and lasting through the Holiday to the 31st, you can stop by, listen to some great music, hang out with friends, oh…and shop….shopping is good! As if I haven’t spent enough on gatchas this season….THERE WILL BE MORE!! All about Halloween, All about Creepy/Spooky…..so if your running low on the lindens and need some awesome stuff…make plans to attend!

Legion is a great sim, it is filled with a lot of great things to do….and rather then go on and on, I invite you to check it out. Here, Here, and Here

While travelling about today, I picked up some goodies. Initially, I wasn’t planning on going to the Candy Fair, because….who needs more sugar? I have tons! BUT, then I saw the super awesome cuteness that is Lark’s Cat Candy Bucket. Yep, I scoured three sims for it and I LOVE IT!

Truth is out with a sweet new hair! Vida is a very cute updo with a flourish of braid across the temple that dresses it up a little. I like wispies and there are many wispies!

Truth Hair - Vida
The Boston Glasses from Sleepy Eddy are def perfect for my face and the lens light on it…that isn’t photography, that’s texturing and pretty awesome! I think the color goes perfect with my Zaara Urvi Chandelier Earrings and my crawly cute Siegfried Lizzard from Bliensen + MaiTai.

SLink did get some of my lindens this weekend…..the crop jeans and Sigoureney boots….-sighs- why oh why are you so adorably awesome? WHY!!!……..Okay, I am good, I am! They fit so perfect together and I needed a good fall boot so here we go!

Fashionably Dead’s Tweed Box Coat….I love, love, love it. I don’t like that little peek hole inside the coat, I don’t even know if you can see it, but a cute shirt underneath and all is well! The lines along the coat give me a deco feel….its pretty much a keeper! I think….I’ve talked your ear off enough today! Thanks for listening!

Skin – Izzies – Eliza Caramel
Eyes – Crash Republic – Rebel Eyes Blue
Hair – Truth – Vida in browns
Hands – SLinknsn – Relaxed

Nails – FLAIR – No. 58

Broach – Bliensen + MaiTai – Siegfried Lizzard
Earrings – Zaara – Urvi Chandelier Earrings
Glasses – Sleepy Eddy – Boston Glasses (OMG Gatcha)

Coat – Fashionably Dead – Tweed Box Coat – Old Rose
Capri – SLink – Crop Jeans in Navy
Boots – SLink – Sigourney Boots in Umber

Bucket – Lark – Candy Bucket (Cat) (Candy Fair)

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