We all get a second chance….

Izzie's & Lucifer's Heart

Admittedly, my prudish sensibilities were upset at the notion of Phat Azz…..seriously? Who wants to call their ash that? I mean, I know the difference between Phat and Fat…I do…but gah! Still, I think it is important to be able to be diverse…and part of that is being allowed to embrace all shapes and forms. I think a round bottom is also very important….cause its cushiony and stuff.

A woman is made of curves, in my opinion, and soft places for small heads to lay and weary minds to rest hands….we are meant to be soft and curvy….that is just my opinion. So with that in mind I went to go purchase me some Phat Azz. I didn’t have any skins from Izzie’s, and I been hearing…as I am sure so have you, they have the appliers and I love some appliers, its a hud right?! Right.

Phat Azz

So I went for a full make over and I have so many attachments on right now it’s surprising to me how naked I am! LOL! I like the Phat Azz for these reasons….

It’s very easy to figure out and adjust w/ appliers and you can change the skin shades cause it is modifiable to match up if you must. (I know I needed a comma in there someplace)

I like that it also allows me to shape, though limited, the booty wear.

I dislike it for these reasons…..

While I can adjust size, it is limited to hip areas that have potential of making me an invisible pony rider. Not a look I am going for.

I have to keep my body fat at 0 and I don’t like doing that, but this is more a personal preference then issue with the product.

I hope more people hop on the Phat Azz bus, designer wise. I wanna be able to use them more then skipping around my skybox.

I would recommend it though, if for nothing more then offering a different dimension to your photos, your bedroom, and well…eventually designers will catch on and we will get to wear it out and about. BOOTY BOO!

Since I did purchase a brand new skin for this, I wanted to point out that I adore this skin from Izzie’s. I wanted something a little more sweet and some freckles and this Eliza skin hit the spot. Pairing it with my new Venus hair from Truth in some red tones made for a perfect setting for Izzie’s Cute Cotton set with the Phat Azz and Lola appliers. It matches my brand new Lulu in Lime SLink Heels from Lucifer’s Heart….that is currently at Outlet Sales Room…RIGHT JUST NOW!

So here is the funny list of things I am wearing….I am highly amused!

SLink Mesh Feet w/Izzie’s appliers in Caramel
SLink Mesh Hands Casual w/ Izzie’s appliers in Caramel
Cute Cotto Undies in Green w/ Lola and Phat Azz appliers
Lulu Heels in Lime for SLink Feet
Skin – Izzie’s – Eliza Skin in Caramel
Eyes – Mayfly – Sapphire Night
Phat Azz – Luck Inc.

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