Monday Meme – I don’t always….

Monday Meme - Strawberry Singh

Strawberry Singh, Monday Meme

It’s a well known fact in my RL and in SL that I am big on story telling. I mean, seriously, I am good at it and not even a lil ashamed of it. I prefer to tell my stories on voice and most times they are about me being retarded or doing something goofy. I have one today even…..sooo I am telling it!
Soooo this one time at band camp….

Wait no, wrong story….kk here it is. As some know, about three weeks ago I sprained my ankle like a MOFO! Serious, it was like a basketball on my foot (exaggeration). Anyways, so I stepped off a curb and rolled my ankle and I’ve been laid up for three weeks today. If you know me, you know that sitting still isn’t my THING. I like to garden, I had some fall painting projects in the garage, and well I have an active family life that always has me up and about. In anycase, as you can tell by the multitude of blogs I’ve had time to do….I been sitting on my derrière….for THREE WEEKS! Did I mention that already? It’s been driving me nuts, but I’ve not gotten up or put any pressure on my foot….because all I can think of is how painful it was and is going to be when I finally stand on it. Anyone comes near it, I screech….flinch….cringe…..and FREAK OUT!

Today I went into the doctor for a follow up and having been babying my ankle, it stays hovering over the ground, safe and sound from all touch or movement. NO ONE TOUCHES THE ANKLE!

Well the doctor comes in and he YANKS my foot onto his knee and I suck in a breath and make this face —-> OMGS

He goes “Did that hurt?” and I shake my head…”No…but it’s sprained ya know..careful.” lawd. -eye roll-

Suddenly, without pause, warning, or speaking…he starts pushing all over the swollen part on my ankle.

Do you know how a fish looks when its trying to get away from the hook? It wiggles, flips, and mouth gapes? Yep, that was me, like a maniac….and he goes. “Does this hurt?” and….

……it didn’t…..but in my head I swore it was going to hurt and these flinches, flips, and wiggles were going to be my response. I got a work out, trust me….and he was looking at me like I lost mah mind. “You can start putting some pressure on it….” in this dry tone as I fixed my hair, that had gotten a lil mussed, in my theatric portrayal of pain.  Dramatically of course….




Hair – Exile – Miu
Skin – Belleza – Ashley
Eyes – Mayfly- Deep Sea
Hands – SLink – Casual

Shirt – DE Designs – Executive Lady in Pinstripe
Jacket – [PO] – Axel Blazer in Black

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  1. haha too funny!


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