The Miserable Newbie Gatcha Trader….

Too Much
So today…sitting around cleaning out my inventory, it occurred to me that I should Gatcha. I mean, normally I wait til a week or so in to even attempt to tp in…but I tossed on the hud (A preloader) and hit the LM….

I GOT IN! I was so stoked and shocked and happy and every item rezzed immediately (GET THAT HUD) that I went nuts. SO nuts, that I decided when I got home I needed a Gatcha Skybox. Someone should do that next round, a Skybox we can display and play with all our cool little gatcha’s. Cause seriously, if I put out all my goodies in my house, RH would be making man noises and such.

Oh Please Trade Me Somfin!

I got home, tossed up a skybox and started to decorate with Gatcha…but much like my hat from analog dog says…TOO MUCH….its too much to do in one day! But it will be a fun me project and I plan on displaying all my little things in it….stay tuned for more little photos of The Arcade Gatcha items. Right now though, let’s talk about the jacket from Lucifer’s Heart. Along with a great texture, it comes with a hud. You guys know I like clothes with huds. Huds Make My Day. It’s for sale this round at the Outlet Sales Event so skitter on down there…omg these boots gave me an accent! Did I just….-reads back- I DID! I typed Skitter! -wails-


Okay, back from my break down and all Yankee’d out. The boots are pretty awesome…from Color.Me.H.O.F (I know that prolly means something…I should look it up…) and I am debating on going back for more or trying to trade for more. That’s what I am doing with the rest of my afternoon….trading! That’s what I thought….

The Bad Gatcha Trader

I should be clear right now, I got to every Arcade…but I’ve never got into the group to trade. But I hear so much about it so I thought I would try it. This girl ain’t got trading skillz. Nope. I felt like a newbie and the text was scrolling so fast and people were putting up like….goggle docs of what they were trading and what they had to trade. SOO Out of My Element. BUT I tried….I really tried to get some cool OMEN Fairytale things for all the extra I had….

Not a single bite. I suck at trading. -sighs and cries- So I guess I will go back tomorrow and get the OMEN things and then give my extras to Ky …..cause I am scared of the trading group for The Arcade Now….

I always wondered how people got their blogs from Gatcha’s to look all matchy….well mine is not matchy and now I know why.  I SUCK AT TRADING….did I say that already?  Well, it bodes saying twice.

All that Gatcha!
*Second Spaces* craft room – crafts on the go blue RARE
[ARIA] – Daliah animal stool -Goat- Coffee
The Chandelier Silhouette / Teal – Commoner
{vespertine- attic chair/wood}
[ba] silver and leather coffer – neutral
::{u.f.o}::my sitting doll friends – huggie elphant
*bbqq*-silhouette lamp-Boy

Skin – Belleza – Ashley in Tan
Eyes – Mayfly – Deep Sea

Hat – Analog Dog – Just Sayin’ Red/Black (Gatcha Item)
Tank – Pink Outfitters – Billie Lace Tank in Gray
Shorts – The Sea Hole – Pika Denim Shorts Eagle
Jacket – Lucifer’s Heart – Mariah (The Outlet Sales Room)
Boots – Color.Me.H.O.F – Rider Boots – Tan (Gatcha Item)

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