Monday Morning Maw…..

Meh on a Monday Morning, Labor Day too…..I should have done something patriotic, but my foot hurts and I can’t cook out, so blah. Still, I refuse to let it get me down….at least not for too long. Instead, I am going to lay here in my jammies and make other people bring me things.

Lounging w/ Greymoon

No more white shoes, or white pants? Or white something, there was a conversation yesterday I was reading about it….not sure where it all originated, what the real deal is or what. Do you know? I should look it up, but that takes too much energy. Again, I am going to just lay here dangit.

Luckily, I have this comfy Conversation Station from ~*~ Inspired ~*~ to lounge about on. It’s stuffed full of friends and couple animations, working, talking, cuddling, and well…laying around doing not a dang thing. I like how colorful it is, it helps me not be so grouchy on a Monday Morning, promise it does!

This cute little baseball dress (that I plan on using for lounge wear) is the perfect accompaniment to my mood. A little fierce and a little comfy….rawrs! You can get this in green, red, silver (pictured), and blue from this round of Outlet Sales Room from Greymoon.

Monday Morning Maw...

Socks? G-Field Baby….and they are well worth the price, they are super cute and very comfy. They have a color change menu that has a good variety of colors….I am going to stop back today and see if she has stocking appliers for them. I may keep them on all month long! This hair from Truth is pretty much a go to for lounging around. It’s cute and relaxed with a color change for the band. An easy color change click on hair….I don’t have to chase my nose all over the place. Please, tell me I am not the only one who does that? Please?!

The slippers I snagged at last years shoe fair from Sassy Kitty Designs…..and they are comfy…they may stay on too at this point. LOL I MAY NEVER CHANGE CLOTHES….Okay sorry…sorry I am in a mood.

I leave you with this…if your immobile, stuck at home, in a bad mood? Grab a book, get some jammies, and go hide so you don’t infect the rest of the world with your bad mood…..-goes off to take her own advice-


Conversation Station Set ~*~ Inspired ~*~ 

Skin – Belleza – Ashley in Tan
Eyes – Mayfly – Deep Sea
Hair – Truth – Becky in Espresso

Earrings – Dahlinks – Pearl Stud
Make up – Fishy Strawberry – Kokeshi Gloss and Eyes

Socks – G-Field – Button Socks Knee High in Gray
Dress – Greymoon – Baseball Mini Dress in Silver (Outlet Sales Room Event)
Slippers – Sassy Kitty Designs – Rockabilly Black Heart

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