How I Love Hair….Let Me Count The Ways…


I know we all love some [elikatira] hair. It’s been a while since they have had some new things but….I know why. The designer, Elika Tiramisu, has been in her secret laboratory doing AMAZING!

[elikatira]  Tallulah

Now, I am an avid hair buyer, but more recently I have been trying to purchase styles I do not already have or something simular. But really, there is only SO many ways you can do your hair….right? WRONG!

[elikatira] has basically redone her colors a bit, added in a very very cool hud….and has a load of great new styles.

BUT….wanna know what I am most excited about? Lookit that hair tattoo…..It’s so sweet looking, brushed a little forward and made to match the colors of hair. I got this Tallulah in Essentials and it comes with 12 hair bases to make the hairs included. The hud…yes lets talk about this hud. The Tallulah, along with the essential colors, of which there are 12…also come with 6 faded or dye dipped colors as well. Now, if that isn’t worth the purchase, then you click the little button there…for accessories…and I can change that bow into 14 different colors. Usable colors!!!

Essentials Hair Hud - [elikatira]

Accessories Hud -[elikatira]

I also purchased the Jennie in Ravens. Same hud, same options….the ONLY thing is, it did not come with the hair bases and because the line of ravens has some grays, nice nice grays by the way…see, I would have loved hair bases for all of them as well. I know that is a lot of work though…and who knows, maybe the Mad Genius is working on them!

[elikatira] - Jennie

I had to blog these…I didn’t even change my dang clothes yet….I love [elikatira] hairs…have ever since my first purchase….pictured below….I am very excited to see what comes next from her. Maybe the mesh version of this hair…cause honestly, it’s my go to for cow girl day -winks- No, I kid….she won’t be updating old hairs, they’ve been retired…member that huge sale? Well, I hope she does another version of it, a girl can dream -le sigh-

The pricing has increased a little, but come on you are getting so much more. “What was previously L$250 for 5 colors is now L$350 for 18.” Isn’t so bad…ya know? Least I am not complaining, I can play in this new and improved hud all day long, it even has a picture of the hair it goes with.

WHO AM I KIDDING…..The hair has always been awesome….lookit the textures on this hat….-wonders off to play with her hair-

[elikatira] - Claim

[elikatira] Hair 1 – Tallulah – Essentials
[elikatira] Hair 2 – Jennie – Ravens

Hair 3 – Claim – Rich Browns (Retired)

Shirt – Zaara – Bandhni Hanky Top in Beige

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