Meet My Friend Kyrene Glendevon

Spotting Strawberry Singh’s Monday Meme….was just perfect. I am currently on vacation with my best friend in SL and RL….so it’s the perfect time for a Meme. I don’t do them often, but it fit and so here goes. Kyrene Glendevon is ….*insert…I may or may not be drinking…so forgive*….a bit of a maniac.

Meet Kyrene Glendevon

She is what I like to call Pepper Sweet… know the kind….they look good, smell good, promise some yummy in your tummy sweetness and you bite in and it’s sweet alright…with a blazing hot sarcasm that you almost don’t catch. But I’ve known her ten years, I catch that mess. LOTS!

She is very loyal….and she takes a lot of the world around her to heart, which depending on the day, can be a good or bad thing for her feelings. Shop? Yep, she likes to do that…and play Barbies, which is what we called SL for a long time….and we have tons in common and just enough differences to make everything a little interesting.

Krysta Ember: What Up Buttercup?

Krysta Ember: I am going to interview you now, like your not sitting next to me… it? Stopl playing with poses and answer me.

Kyrene : “Okies I’ll pretend you are not right next to you …sitting… ready”
Me: Ready! Okay wait….I need questions -flips around a bit-
Kyrene:  “Goodness”
Me: GOT IT……Sooooo princess pea….what brought you to SL?
Kyrene: -looks at her all … whatcha talkin about wills…like” You my dear
Krysta: I knew that…x.x but the wonderful world of Worpress needed to know. Noooo be like…detailed lawd.

Kyrene Glendevon: “Um… well roleplay… and you talking about how finally you can really and truely or we can finally really dress out character and how there was this furniture that moved you around and all that stuff that we had been writing with just words was now all bling blang 3d… and yes I’m pretty sure you saidn Bling and Blang”

Krysta Ember: I may or may not have used those terms -cuts eyes about- And was it all you dreamed???

Kyrene Glendevon: “Eh… the roleplay kinda sorta sucks.. but yanno..I totally could hang out with you and do all the things with you that we really could not do IRL cause of the distance.. so yes it was okay in the end” -sticks her tongue out- “I miss RP .. but I think you know what I mean…. Remember living in New York.. I think that still is some of the funniest times I had in SL”

Krysta Ember: Right……that small little house was our first in SL…..that was like you living your New York Dream…..I see you camming my shoes….-wiggles toes- So what are you into now in SL? I know we sorta got our own things going here now…so spill.

Kyrene Glendevon: Um well I had to see if those shoes were really all you were blowing them up to be. ” -laughs- ” But seriously… I joined VIFL Footballand have cheered for two seasons there, which also launched my clothes designing… making uniforms for teams and such and now I’m dabbling into my own store. So Yeah we have sorta drifted into different lives here in sl.. I don’t really miss breedables.. even thought hummingbirds are very tempting…”
Kyrene Glendevon: “Now I’m gonna cam the rest of your house!”
Krysta Ember: You are so nosey…..this is my private island head, we should have done this someplace more public
Krysta Ember feels a lil violated
Kyrene Glendevon: “Oh that’s right cause I’ve never seen this snot before.. at least you put your balls away before I got here”
Krysta Ember: So football in SL? I bet that is it’s own world of interesting. Yeah we did do breedables and I am still looking forward to Oceanic coming out and I got me some lady bugs…what! OMG SNOT
Krysta Ember: Your a snot….thats what
Krysta Ember: And as for balls….they are always put away nice and neat.

Krysta Ember: How long have you been doing the clothes? I know you have all these ideas and stuff….finally putting them into action?
Kyrene Glendevon: “Imma snot your a snot we are all a snot snot..” -sings until she is hushed- “About six months and yup got some on Marketplace and I’m working on the store now.. well yanno if RL would settle down long enough for me to breath”

Krysta Ember: You will get there…-grins- So tell me, what is your favorite thing in SL? What do you like the most about it?

Kyrene Glendevon: I think this… just being able to hang with my friends.. those I care about the most”

Krysta Ember grins all big. “If you could give someone, a new person to SL, advice about this place we are all in….what would it be?”
Kyrene Glendevon: “Haters gonna hate”
Krysta Ember: lmao
Krysta Ember: What the heck lol….you are so wise….
Kyrene Glendevon: I even got the tshirt so that makes it even more so.
Krysta Ember: I bet you got your style card from a fortune cookie!
Kyrene Glendevon: Pffttt I made it up?
Krysta Ember: Mmhmmm…okies -think think- What are your top five places to shop?
Kyrene Glendevon: Trompe Leoil, Truth, Boom, Cold Logic, Whats Next.. and I was gonna say Inspired.. but yanno.. is it realyl shopping when your awesome fantastic bestie just sends you awesomeness for free?

Krysta Ember: Stop being a mooch lol…..I am kidding…You know I got your back. What is the wildest thing you have done in SL?

Kyrene Glendevon: Umm I must be boring cause my definition of wild has never really carried to SL? Maybe I’m just to calm… have I done anything wild?
Krysta Ember: That one time in bandcamp? Not that I can recall….you like to stay out of things dramatic and tend to just hush yo mouth and do an inner dialogue. I wish I was in yo head. How about the craziest thing you have seen?

Kyrene Glendevon: OMG!!!!! How about that lady in the first club you took me too and she had her baby on her
hand but it looked more like baby yoyo that she was throwing all around the club and it scared me to dang death
and that’s when you told me about prim babies.. how about I’ve not done that snit! Don’t plan on it.. Say no to
prim babies…
Krysta Ember: LMAO
Krysta Ember: HA HA
Krysta Ember: OMG that was so funny….prim babies in clubs is really….a no no. HA HA she was
dancing so fast
Krysta Ember: LMAO
Kyrene Glendevon: and it was all bong bong bounce bong like a dang yoyo
Krysta Ember: OMG that was so funny….
Krysta Ember: I can
Kyrene Glendevon: sling yo baby round and round
Krysta Ember: t breathe
Kyrene Glendevon: Yeee haawww
Krysta Ember: Ridem CowBaby
Kyrene Glendevon: skip to the left now drop that baby
Kyrene Glendevon: to the floor get down..
Krysta Ember wipes a tear….okay I think we can go on that…..lets go take pictures!
Kyrene Glendevon: -does a sandra bullock dance-
Kyrene Glendevon: haha okies
Krysta Ember: One day…..RH is going to give me a prim baby….sometimes in his sleep, he whispers
about how much he wants one!
Kyrene Glendevon: Got Miguels too huh?
Krysta Ember: Miguel wants one too?! OMG we can go to a club and swing our babies all over, initiate them into
Kyrene Glendevon: That’s what you want your bestie in the stands screaming at your boyfriend… “Miguel I want
yo prim babies”
Krysta Ember: Be like. WE HERE!
Kyrene Glendevon: “Got my baby bitches.. WHUT!”
Krysta Ember: Jigga Wha….DO SOMETHING!

I stopped us there, we got a lil out of hand with the sillies…..but I hope you guys enjoyed, we had a blast.

Kyrene’s Style Card

Eyes: CandyDoll Diamond Eyes Blue
Lashes: AMD Ultimate Lashes
Nails: * Rexlpsa Loc * Autumn Orage leaf
Hair: Truth Hollana Reds
Shape : Kyrene Glendeon
Skin: Izzie Genna Skin Caramel
Makeup: Izzie Dulusional Eyeliner
Lips: LAQ Saga

Dress: TokiD Mira Dress Orange (TDR)
Earrings : *DCD* Black Double Stud
Bracelet: Chum Bracelet
Boots: Miel Dandy Boots
Necklace: Miel Sen

Krysta’s Style Card

Skin – Pink Fuel – Chai Scene
Eyes – Mayfly – Deep Sea
Hands/Feet – SLink

Hair – Vanity – The Meadow in Dark Brown
Jewelry Set – Baubles! – Autumn Seat
Shoes – Slink – Tri-Colour Wedges
Sunglasses – Pixel Mode – Coco Sunglasses in Choco

Dress – TokiD – Mira Dress in Yellow

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  1. haha you guys are funny together! Great interview and lovely picture as well. Thanks for sharing. ❤


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