Firestorm – Phototools!

As a builder and a blogger, I am very excited about the whole server side baking coming up….Lindens say they are rolling out on July 9th….and Firestorm has just released its 4.4.1 so get updated. Sadly, the Phoenix users will be forced to upgrade or they get to see blobs and such. In anycase, this morning when I upgraded I was looking through the Firestorm site to learn what’s new….and the photo tools made me so curious I had to try them out. So here is the bare unedited shot I used with the new photo tools window offered through Firestorm.

Raw - Cropped

See the full size on flickr

I really love it. First, I do not walk around SL with my Ultra Settings….it would kill my computer, but when I am taking photos, I really use them… order to keep my computer from spazzing out, I never hit “Apply” I just sit there in the preview area so that when I close that big preferences box everything goes back to normal. It is annoying though, I need six different things open in order to get all the things set I want. Water, Windlight, Preferences, Camera, Click back and forth from them all….O.O

I took these two shots, now keep in mind, they were done just so I could play with my new toy….but I was able to adjust camera levels, lighting, sky, water, all the preferences in a more detailed way, and go slow motion…..and see different views, look at bounding boxes…..the tool is amazing and I am so glad it’s been set up for us photographers and bloggers….it will be great fun working with it. For the most part, a lot of the tools I’d like to use, I just haven’t because it’s a mess trying to get to all the different tricks all over….but it seems like this new Phototools is the one stop shop for us! So download it, go to World – Photo and Video – Phototools or else Alt + P and try it out for yourself!!!


I did crop the photos, but beyond that they are just raw shots using the new layout for the tools.  These tools are mostly already in Secondlife, we’ve all used them, but it’s awesome to have them all in one spot.  Thank you Firestorm!
New Phototools - Firestorm


Poses – Hopscotch – Thank God I am a Country Girl

Feet – Pixel Mode – Bare Feet
Eyes – Mayfly – Deep Sky Eyes in Sapphire
Skin – Pink Fuel – Alena in Chai

Hair – Truth – Abra in Black

Shorts – (Tokid) – Cocoro Shorts (TDR) (Rainbow)
Shirt – {mon tissu} – Slouchy Sweatshirt Grey

Nails – Jamman – Ultra Mesh Fingernails Hud

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