Boho Fair & Hamster Couture Mafia….

Yesterday….was a mess.  I tried to get into the Boho Fair all day…and I bought quite a few things, but in the end, my favorite things were the gift from ArisAris and the Necklace from Bliensen + Mai Mai (That is a mouthful…say it out loud!).

I had a blast though, skimming through the shops as they rezzed and just taking a break from the building and the learning and the….all consuming business that seems to have become my child.  In anycase, I suggest a run over to the Boho Fair 2012, you won’t be disappointed, unless you are trying to get in and get out….yeah…not so much! 

I don’t know why people expect events to be Lag Free…..especially when you got these lovelies showing up with their entourage of mesh hamsters dressed in hats and scarves, that while I admit are bloody adorable….its just a hard time for us normal people who don’t know the fashion couture of Hamsters!  So please, don’t put on your cute adorable Hamster Mesh Avatar when going to large events that are laggy anyway because so many people are there….do your part in the fight against electronic lag….besides, you rezz sorta like a see through hamster anyway and no one gets the effect!  (That sentence probably needs a comma….maybe.)

Dang Hamsters….why do I love them so?!

Eyes – Mayfly – Sapphire Night
Hair – Truth – Kalle 2 w/Roots in Expresso
Skin – LAQ – Susan in Mocha
Shape – Sibelle Ingmann – Krysta!
Eyelashes – Garage – Eyelash7
Fingernails – Jamman – Lite Fingernails
Lipgloss – Pink Fuel – Doll Gloss Beestung
Dress – ArisAris – Reverie Mesh Dress (Gift @ Boho Fair)
Necklace – Bliensen + MaiTai – Millefiori Necklace (Gift @ Boho Fair)
Boots – *GF* – Long Cuffe Boots “Will” in Sepia
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