Imagine This Topic Challenge!!

Have you ever noticed….when someone brings up a certain topic of conversation, the instant mental picture we give them in our head?  I mean, not bad images, just these pictures we make up of them depending on the conversation or the personality of them…just images we have?  Well, I guess I do it anyway, even if no one else does…

I was talking to someone today and thought to myself…she prolly thinks I am sitting behind my stove all day in an apron….when really I am laid out on my couch stuck in second life….but then I am also running errands and working…and living my SL and RL….so if someone were like me and imagining me in so many ways…I imagine they will have a lot of different views.  SOooooOOooo because this will take me forever to get through, I shall do one at a time.

 I think it would be so much fun to see what others come up with!!

So ….go grab your Kitchen/Cooking/Food/Recipies Topic and …BLOG IT!  What would someone see when they talk to you about food and cooking?  If you join in, PLEASE Link me so I can seeeee I wanna see!

Topic:  Food, Cooking, Recipies…..I am a baker, cook, and pinterest maker!!! I have been compared to a foodie, but its more along the lines of…what is going to make me happy. I love the way food can smell up your home and bring the smiles to the faces of people….food can set a mood, I swear on that fact!

Also…I feel like I am tricking myself into a diet….because I just nibble while I cook and by time dinner gets here…I am full.  (Please, leave me my illusions)

Eyes – Mayfly – Sapphire Night
Hair – D!va – Mayumi2 Onyx
Shape – Savoir Faire Shapes – Lola
Skin – Pink Fuel – Alena Chai Scene

Lipstick – Pink Fuel – Alley Cocoa Doll Glass Beestung
Messy Cupcake Face – [<3P] Messy Cupcake Face w/Cupcake!
Pearls – AMD – Sloppy Pearls in White

Apron – ~*~ Inspired ~*~ – Apron in Apricot
Shirt – Ingenue – Top from Collegiate Miss in Chocolate Orange
Capri’s – fri. – Ahoy in Stormy
Shoes – Furore – Mesh Ballets in Creame

Kitchen Set – ~*~ Inspired ~*~ – Farmhouse Kitchen
Butcher’s Block – {what next} –  Laurel Cottage Kitchen Utensils


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