Back To School….

Too Much BBBA BBAA BAAA BAD GIRL yesterday!  I decided today was a good girl day, only….somehow, she still seems a bit…bad.  ANYWAYS, with everyone going back to school, I had to do up my own lil version and since I am learning to build more and more and ~*~ Inspired ~*~ is coming along, well…it was time for the school girl outfit!
I love the lil linen skirt from Chain and Vine, just saying, I don’t see their things out and about enough.  I grabbed this lil number a few months back and hadn’t had a chance to drag it out til today and I’ve Tres Blah to thank for that!  The cute little Preppy Sweater from Collabor88 This month is like …. too cute for words and at a price that is a steal.  I could complain that the arms don’t fit perfect when I am in Medium and the Large is just too big, but you know I got the fix for that….reshape!  I got this reshaping thing down to a science and half the time, thankfully, no one can tell I am not as lush as normal.  -grins-
Still, reshape or not, the textures and the details of the sweater are really great. 
I snagged the earrings and the bag from the Summer Harvest Hunt, two of my favorite pieces from it from Needful Things and *Tea Time*, places I normally avoid in respect to my linden balance.  I have impulse issues and they are totally affordable if you get one or two things, but…again…Impulse issues.  Once I start click buying, its pretty hard to stop some days. 
The skin and lip gloss is from Filthy, their new group gift for September….I am always looking for a good place that has good gloss.  I love a Pink Fuel and I treasure some of WoW Skins for Tessa…BUT This month, I think I might love Filthy too!
Hair – Amacci – Emilia
Eyeliner – cheLLe – Cleo Called in Black
Lashes – Lizzi’s – Sexy Prim Lashes
Lip Liner/Gloss – Filthy – GROUP GIFT – LipLiner with Gloss
Skin – Filthy – September Group Gift in Bronze
Eyes – Needful Things – Autumn Eyes
Skirt – Chain and Vine – Linen Mini in Tea
Boots – J.H. Couture – Batya Calf Boots in Brown/Gold
Earrings – Needful Things – Goodbye Summer
Bag – *Tea Time* – Cute Tree Bag
Sweater – Tres Blah – Preppy Sweater w/ Blouse in Red (Collabor88)

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