Barbie Girl Challenge!

What does Vintage, pink, and SecondLife have in common?  Umm…BARBIE!!!  Okay well maybe not Barbie, but when I think of those three things, I have to think Barbie.  For years now Ky has been calling SecondLife our grown up Barbie’s and while I am very mature -serious face-

I SO LOVE PLAYING BARBIES!  I don’t think any little girl really grows out of it, we just change it to other things, like…..SecondLife? 

So me and Ky thought we should do a Barbie Shoot and sorta give our version of how we think Barbie would look here in SecondLife.  I choose a more modern sleek look and Ky wanted to show off her stuff from the Pink Ribbon Fair that is going on until the 25th!

I didn’t put on shoes, because I wanted to use SLINK’s tiptoes to pay homage to the how Barbie always looks like she is wearing heels, even when I can’t find them cause they are at the bottom of the toy chest….just sayin’!

Taking photos with her is always a ‘special’ kind of challenge.  It goes a lil something like this:

Me:  Put your anypose hud on and make your eyes look forward.
=watches them go left=
Me: no…forward, straight at the camera.
=watches them go right=
Me: Hello? Are you there…
=watches them cross=
Her: I did what you said!
Me:  -sighs- nevermind

As you can see….she did NOT do what I said, but whatever, I got a laugh from it -smiles-

So if you were a Barbie girl, in a Barbie World…..How would your Barbie look?

 I WANNA SEE SOME BARBIE!!!!  Link me your post back here in comments!!

Krysta Ember
Feet – Slink Jolie Tip Toes – Feet
Skin – KimKy Designs – Sweet Skin
Eyes – Mayfly – Deep Sky Eyes Sapphire Night
Hair – Alice Project – Lynn
Earrings/Bracelet – Dahlinks – Diamonds & Pearls
Nails – Jamman Box – Pink Ribbon Limited Edition
Shirt/Bodysuit – MONS – Natasha in Powder Pink
Slacks – J.H. Courture – Willow Leather in Wine
Kyrene Glendevon
Body: Ky Creation
Skin: Mojo Sicily/Cocoa 17
Eyes: LAQ~Devoted Moondust Eyes
Nails- Label Mode Nigh Princess Nails
Hair- Magika Dare
Eyelashes- Redgrave Elemental 16
Tunic- ::EM:: Wonder Woman Tunic Mesh
Bikini- FK Virtues Beach Babe
Shoes- Illicit Designs Rogue Heels
Ring- Dark Mouse Statement Brilliance Ring
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