Timeless Endeavors…

If you know me, then you know I am a lover of all things vintage.  There is just something timeless about the styles from the 20’s through the 60’s and heck, even before that.  We all know things just get redone over and over, different ways…..but these two outfits, they are epicly timeless!

First, we have to talk about the rug.  So yesterday, as I puttered around the garden of butterflies, it was asked of me, to match a dress….to a particular color.  Yay!  Okay…….  So then I get the ‘texture’  (Pic Below) Yes ladies and gentleman, that is a rug. 

I about fell out of my chair and I can’t tell if it was because it was a RUG or because….he was dead serious.  Needless to say, I was up to the challenge…(We won’t talk about how I turned the rug into Fairy wings to match the dress….)

First, I want to go on about this suit from Utopia (Thank you RH for being a model!).  I love the tie, the scarf, the way the tie’s texture looks satin and tucks down nicely into the vest.  Honestly, when it comes to tux’s I love a tie vs a bow…..and the suit just gives this flagrant Fred Astaire feel that I can’t take my eyes off of!  I don’t do a lot of mens fashion, but when I saw this suit….I knew it had to be here.  Ladies, get this suit for your fellas…or show them so they can get it.  All I wanna do is roll my fingers around that scarf and tug the gentleman down for a kiss!  That’s gotta be what that scarf is for!

I digress…..lets move onto the rug matching gown I finally choose.  While Chocolate would have been the best choice, I preferred the creamy gold color.  A while back a friend turned me onto Son!a’s gowns.  I have never gone to her store and NOT found what I needed.  Sonia has a beautiful style in her designs that tug at me all the time.  Of course, I found this Joy gown and…I was mesmerized.  I mean, the detail of the gown and the way its put together just….gosh I lost my words!   The back, as you can see in the picture, is open….but for these tiny lines of pearls strewn across the back of the gown.  A pair of sheer cream gloves also trimmed in pearls just scream classic beauty at me. 
This gown came with the pearl choker too….so its a perfect match for the gown.  Trimmed in pearls and satin, how can you not feel stunning!?

Krysta Ember
Skin – LAQ – Susan
Shape – Sibelle Ingmann – Krysta
Eyes – Malfly – Deep Sky Sapphire Night
Hair – Ingenue – Myrna Natural Black
Gown/Necklace – Son!a – Joy
Shoes – HOC Industries – Noir Pumps in Tan
Earrings – Lazuri – Classic Pearls
Bracelet – League – Pearls & Lace Bracelet
RH Engel
Eyes – Aphotic Gloom Clarus Eyes(Hazel)
Hair- Muism – Fox – Shine Black
Skin – Belleza – Thomas
Tux – Utopia – Mustang Moka
Shoes – Redgrave –  Cowboy Loafers – Bronze
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