Skin’s Alot! Happy St. Patty’s Day!!!

I think I have the Luck of the Irish!  I really do!  Ever since I started my No Linden Challenge, I have gotten asked three times to blog for a designer (I never get asked!), I got two awesome skins that I HAVE TO BLOG NOW….and well, the rest is just great SL things going on.  So onto the Skins!

The first one here is from Diamond Avatar, why are by chance participating in the FashionCentric Hi5 Hunt event starting next month!  So I got an announcement the other night about one of her skins and I had never tried them, its not even a name I know!  But the skin stuck out to me and I mentioned it to a friend….but seeing as I am on my challenge there was no way I was convincing my friend to fork me over 99 lindens for the skin I wanted.  So I put her on my “Buy Next Month” list.

LAST NIGHT SHE IMED ME!  Like..she could hear me through the Force!  It was so Karmacentric, yes, yes, yes, KARMA IS MY FRIEND BABY!  She passed over this skin and I wiggled out of my clothes and put it on. I love a face on a skin and for the most part, since I am never nakkies, the body doesn’t matter. Yet, if I am honest with myself, I always check the girl stuff to make sure it looks good.  Diamond Avatar gets a 5 Stars! I loved the skin….it had makeup on it, I normally buy the base and make up myself but….It’s an awesome skin and I love the intensity of the make up.  This one here is her Melanie with the Make up 1.  She is staying on my “to buy” list. 

I checked all over for little details I may not like or could be improved, because I wanted to represent fairly and maybe I don’t have a good eye for mistakes, because it looked perfect to me. The only think I did notice is that the skin had this ‘shiny’ look to it, like it had been nicely lotioned and oiled along the legs and arms…but is that really a bad thing?

The second skin is also from a brand I haven’t heard of before.  I tossed it on and haven’t taken it off.  I will be wearing it all day today and yes, the girl parts rock as well.  This wasn’t shiny at all, it had a warm glow to the color and I fell in love.   The one pictured here is the group gift for March and a variation on the Jenni Skin (Thank God cause I wanna wear it other times of the year!) So hop over today while you can, join the group, and get this skin!

This skin has adorable little green kiss marks along the breast, the cheek, the bum, and right over the treasure (dun laugh at my name for girl parts!) with the words Kiss Me on the front and lower back. It is really a great look and I love the spatter of freckles over her nose.  So this is my St. Patty’s day skin today…

Pulchritude skins come in six tones, which is great when so often you get light, medium, dark and none of them really work well!  I also like the cleavage and the shadows on the skin are very realistic.

Pale, Peach, Sunkissed, Bronze, Caramel, and Cocoa…you are bound to find the perfect match and each skin comes with five make up styles. 


Bra & Panties – Phoenix Rising – Endeavor Green
Earrings (A GIFT) – Joules – Shimmering Shamrock Earrings
Hair – [e] – Comfort in Brown 4

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