52 Week Color Challenge – Aquamarine

I figured I got a good solid four weeks of clothes in here to blog about….so the challenge isn’t going to be so bad….maybe outdated, but still.  There is a lot coming up….Fashioncentric Hi5 event next month….the Magic of Papillon Fair this month…this weekend even.  So all in all, I will be fine without linden. 

I mean, I woke up and my account balance had gone up.  I sold a butterfly last night…and I could totally spend that easy this morning, but I behaved!

That was my morning pep talk.  How was it? 

Yeah, it didn’t work for me either.  So I resolved to going into my inventory and opening the things I haven’t opened yet. 

I am big enough to admit I may have a shopping problem…I ran out of prims to rezz things.  And this is only one room in my house.

It’s like a bad case of hoarders.

So recalling I still had a few days left for this weeks color challenge, I put aquamarine in my search and came up with this cute dress.  Yes, I had lost it and No…I’ve not worn it before.  I thought it deserved a bit of a retro setting so I went looking and guess what?  Yep, found a store…found a store I can’t shop in…but it had a very cute entrance and a great layout of not only clothes, but furniture, builds, and …well its definitely worth a look into, so check out FIN soon as you can.  Me? Well I will be back in a month when I can buy stuff.  I actually made a folder “Go Shopping April 15th” so if I find places, I won’t forget them. 


A few thinks about this outfit though…One..Blacklace Beauty Vintage Pack…rocked my world.  I loved the eyes and the small beauty mark.  It all seemed to fit perfect with this new skin.  It’s the group gift from Exodi and you all know I rarely change out of my skin….this one was worth the shift and I think I may wear it all week.  The eyes were given to me in a blogger pack from VF By Lera and they come in three different sizes of pupils.  This is the medium one and I gotta admit, I love the sorta ice look of them. 

Hair – Wasabi Pills – Dragon Mesh in Chocolate
Shape – Sibele Ingmann – Krysta Shape
Lipstick – A&M – Nude Lips Pale Pink
Skin – Exodi – Sophie Fraise – Goddess Dark
Eyes – VFbyLera – Eclipse Eyes – Jade Eyes
Necklace – Addiction – Double Heart Charm
Nails – [PM] – Sculpted Nails
Dress – ICING – Aquarelle
Shoes – [Gos] – Pimp Your Pumps in AQUA

Hat – HOR Evolution – Xandrah Hat
Beauty Mark/Eyes – Blacklace Beauty – Vintage Pack

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