A Few Of My Favorite Things…

Second Life needs smellavision. 

Second Life also needs to find a way I can actually cook and eat something…I would totally eat 3D food!

Still, until such features are installed (I know I will be waiting a while…) I rely on my imagination to fill in the blanks.  I grew up in the city…born and raised and left as soon as I could!  So, I have a special place in my heart for all things peaceful, cozy, and country.  My friend often jokes with me about how I gravitate towards things from the country rather then the city….I just do. 

She also jokes with me about my secret island…and my dirty dock (That I have since taken down…much to her distress)…but it is my little spot of heaven and peace.  I change the houses on it too much to count because I just can’t find the perfect comfort or feel…until…NOW!

I had stripped the land to blank canvas and was leaving it there with no intentions of putting down a house.  Heck! If I couldn’t find the perfect one…then NOTHING WAS GOING THERE! NOTHING I SAY!….

And then…in a wonderful twist of excellent perfection of timing…I found it. Now, I adore all things Awesome Blossom.  I cannot count the amount of things I have from that store.  The designer, Clementine Ishtari….speaks to my soul and she doesn’t even know it.  I even have the funny super woman costume from her store!  Pictures included as proof!  I could go on…but I know I have an insane list of things for this blog so…onward we go..to the pictures…of the most amazing little cottage ever!!  :: AB :: Amelie Cottage

Quick Info:
Total prims: 152
Cottage: 130
Radiators: 8 (4 prims each)
Window: 4 (2 prims each)
Doors: 10 (2 prims each)
Land size: 640 sqm
Approx. footprint: 26×16
Permissions: copy/modn/no transfer

In the end, I used a total of 669 prims, including the house…to decorate.  Don’t tell KY!

Okay, so first, lets look at the outside.  TWO PORCHES!!! Without losing that small comfortable feeling a cottage should have.  TWO!  The doors are not completely closed off and actually….beyond the front door…the rest are french doors.  WHO DOESN’T LOVE FRENCH DOORS!  Okay, sorry I cap when I am excited and this cottage makes me excited.  The french doors I love because…they aren’t fancy smancy hoity toity…which isn’t the look I am looking for in my comfortable home away from home cottage.  They are this amazing blend of comfort and clean…-sighs- I know, I am making no sense, so let me gush. 

Oh…did I metion the bay window? The window in the bedroom that opens up and lets in the sunshine?! DID I!?  Well…yeah there are amazing windows in this cottage. 

Inside is a small livingroom that begs for Awesome Blossom decor…but I digress..first structure, then THINGS!!

I love the little entrance into the kitchen area…when you turn around to look back into the living room there are these adorable built in shelves and an overhang that rolls across the top with the words that really speak..”These are hard times for Dreamers…” Indeed, indeed they are! 

Normally, I get a house/cottage/skybox and change the textures inside to what I like but there was no need with this one…the textures were amazing and realistic..what else can we expect from :: AB ::

In the end though, it is the addition of a small little item that sold me on the house.  Two little radiators…nothing says warmth better than a radiator…its a city thing, sorry!!!

The front porch was decorated with just a few cute things so as to not overwhelm…

{what next} “Serendipity Garden” Iridescent Lantern (yellow)
(iTuTu) flower basket
(iTuTu) rose petals
Em-Floral Hanging Vine
: FF : Lucky Porch Swing
Little Boxes Birdhouse Rustic Paisley

Upon entering my humble abode, there are a few things I’d like to point out that I love….all of it.  See that was easy!!

Cleo’s Cabinet and Dandelions
{what next} Laurel Rug
*Phi* – Parisi Curtains
:CP: Regular Rocker
Concrete Flowers- Snowdrops in a Cup
[what next] Laurel Floor Lamp
[what next] Floor Print
{what next} November Shadow Box
{what next} Forever Autumn Print
:CP: Cottage Couch
{what next} Laurel Reclaimed Wood Chest

As we move into the kitchen, I lined the built in shelves with little trinkets.  Things I can never find places for but really love.  Yay for built in shelves!!!!

LISP – Rose Cup Blue
*K* Antique Gold Trinket Jars
[what next] Pile O’ Books
The Loft – Moby Vase
THS – single lilly vase

And the corner…needed a special something so…Meet Chloe, a Yellow Labador from BioBreeds….perfect pet.  She sits, lays, follows, and a couple other cute things, but she is most loyal and a dear gift from a dear friend…even if his blood has made her a little..’special’…she sits in her food bowl.  -sighs-

Country Harvest Bed is her little spot and it is a great easy find on SL Marketplace!

Moving along into the kitchen area…I have to point out the windows.  They are not real or part of the build, they are actually from Cleo’s Designs and fit perfect there!  I think it really opens up that area.

Also, the little things on the counter, those are all from her kitchen set as well as the things on the walls.  All Cleo’s Designs.  You have to check her out if you haven’t already.

The table, counters, sink, stove, rug chairs and fridge are from Estetica and a gift from the Kyrene. 
Cafe Mate French Vanilla Coffee Mug from a designer named Elliott Eldrich and I don’t even remember where I picked up the set, but it comes with candles and a few other flavors!

LISP – Teapot Lamp…I swear, it’s the cutest thing ever!

Through those beautiful doors into the bedroom…I swear, walking in here I can almost smellavision the ocean and feel the breeze on my skin.  Yes, I actually put on jammies and pass out on that bed every night…so sue me!

The bed is from Michigans – Calssica Style Bed
{what next} Bedroom Laurel Rug
:CP: Hemp Rug
LISP – Mathilde Floor Lamp
LISP – Beatrice Heavy Drapes
LISP – Mathilde Table Lamp
LISP – Mathilde Little Dresser
Crackberry~ Thoughts Wall hanging

That ray of sunshine coming in the window?  Well that, as well as the trees outside, are all from ~*Forest Floor*~.  PLEASE if you love trees, changing themes, and beautiful textures with low prims for your plants, trees, and decor outside….GO TO ~*Forest Floor*~ END.

Rose/Teal Pot of Twigs
Clutter ™ – Ivy Candle Sconce
TWS – Plum Blossoms Round Ottoman

Onto the second porch….now I know I have gone on and on about ::AB:: and yet…all my decor is from other places…well…this is just ONE house I have on my sim and I can’t feature but so much perfection in one blog…BUT YES…

:: AB :: Lazy Days Rowboat had to sit there and it has the cutest poses in it. 
:CP: Tatami Yoga Mat
W. Winx-Green Garden-Hanging Porch Set.

Takes a deep breath and lets it out!  Wow…so there it is…these are a few of my favorite things.  I hope you enjoy and I hope you go check out some of these great designers!

A few more of my favorite things….and the promised picture of super hero from ::AB::

I didn’t even have to convince him into this outfit..  That is my favorite part!
Favorite ::AB:: Ladder Pose!
My Two Best Friends…much love and happiness from them and for them…mess with them…I WILL USE MY FIRE HUD TO KEEL YOU!
Heh, she hates this pic cause the shrug didn’t come off in time for the camera snap.  He He!
A force to be reckoned with indeed…but secret secret…He is a softy…-sage nod-
And Last but never Least…
My favorite pair of arms, smile, and laugh…
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