Born to be Wild…

I am feeling overwhelmed with ideas.  Ideas about my land.  Ideas about my style.  Ideas about more shopping..Like I need that one!  Ideas about my stories!  I feel like I NEED to do something with all these…Ideas.  I haven’t yet thought of anything.  HELP!  Is anyone out there?! 

I can’t help but feel a little discouraged.  My most loyal King is always a comment giver…comments make me smile. I need to get syndicated…but are my pictures good enough? Are my blogs witty enough?!! In all this questioning I ran across a small blurb in a cooking blog…yes, I am all over the place….from a woman who was feeling pretty much the same as me.

She is a magically wise person and stated..who cares if your witty!  Who cares if you misspell!  WHO CARES?!  It is a blog…a blog I write for myself in the end…so if I do or if I do not.  Its about creativity and enjoyment and so…I shall enjoy! 

I have been shopping…amazing right?!

Well…my dear friend Angie was mentioning last week how she wore short hair for the longest time and then yesterday while with my dearest friend Ky…I spotted a style on sale.  I mean, 60L sale, and I thought…why not?  With some encouragement from Ky, I donned the short style and..f.e.l.l in love.  It’s a guys hair for heavens sake!  BUT I CAN’T TAKE IT OFF!

So below…I shall show of the awesome hair…I should note here…I know nothing about fashion or style…but I do know what I like…so that’s what your going to get from me…-smiles-
Oh and while I am at it…the bike?  An amazing gift from an amazing bike builder Teldorian.  He and his wife are some of my dearest friends and you can check out his designs at  TBB Motors

And you must…MUST check out the art work on the walls…they are originals from Miraculous and totally beautiful.

An then…on to the style!

I adore, I mean beyond the hair….the earrings and bracelet.  The set is from Fri.  They have tons of colors and I think I have them all.  Nevermind it’s completely inexpensive, but well made and with so many colors you have to have them all.  I love them, you should too!  He He.

The body suit is the only new thing besides the hair and it was from Mons.  What I love?  The lace top that peeks through the jacket…sue me…I am loving that detail.

So let me put down the awesome designers and rock out of here…

Skin ~ LAQ – Susan 03 [Mocha] Glow Skin
Shape ~ LAQ – Glow Shape [2.3] (I altered it of course, they are modify and copy!)
Eyes ~ -tb- – Jejune Meadow Eyes
Eyelashes ~ Garage – Eyelashes V.8
Eye Liner ~ *elymode* Makeup – Smudged eyeliner black
Hair ~ Hype – Chase Hair//Black
Nails ~ PM – Sculpted Nails V2 in Black
Belt ~ Fri. – Lucid Belt – Yellow
Jewelry ~Fri. – Loop Set (Black)
Jacket ~ Armidi – Military Crop Jacket (Yellow)
Body Suit ~ MONS – BodySuit Lace
Boots ~ Absinith Boots – Easy find on xstreet!


Let me see if I can get them right…

{Just A Pose} Fetish Pin Up Series 1 – Gripping Busty! and Velvet Lies
Miamai – Renaissance Set 04 and Picture Perfect!

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