Miss Independent

I’ve had a crazy few days and I’ve been snapping shots all over the place and getting a little manic.  He He.  So now I have like a backlog of even more things to put in here.  So one at a time, maybe I will get them all in today…it’s Sunday after all and so I will relax and talk and blog and…enjoy the day. 

I am a big fan of music and food.  I think there is a food or music for every event in life, every small moment, every look and feeling.  I think music is the best expression of thoughts and feelings…it just pulls you in and grabs you and…it makes you stand up and recognize some things.  Food…well I just love food so there.  I don’t know where I am going with this rambling other than to say….I am including music in my posts from here on out and today I have for you….and outfit….a song…and a some awesome April fool’s day jokes that happened on Friday!

Miss Independent….

I absolutely adore the look…who says shorts can’t be professional?!  The only thing about the shorts…is in certain sits the prim on the bottom doesn’t look like it’s apart of the shorts.  An easy fix, don’t sit that way…lol. And pearls…pearls are a perfect piece to join up and ensure the look is captured…so far as I think anyway!  I love the bracelet and earrings because you can change the colors and give it a soft pearl of purple look to match the shirt.  The heels?  I can’t say enough about Opium’s designs…they are versatile, easy to use, and these heels…I wear alot.  I love them!

Skin ~ LAQ – Susan 04 [Mocha] Glow Skin
Shape ~ LAQ – Glow Shape [2.3] (I altered it of course, they are modify and copy!)
Eyes ~ [croire] – murky eyes (swamp slime)
Hair ~ [RA] Jess Hair – Black Beauty
Nails ~ [PM] Sculpted Nails V2 Purple
Bracelet ~ ::Je::Suis::Sophistique::Bracelet
Earrings ~ ::Je::Suis::Sophistique::Earrings
Necklace ~  Apple May Designs – Sloppy Pearls – White
Glasses ~ [Gos] Custom Eyeware v3.3 – Intuition
Shoes ~ Opium – High Stiletto Black
Outfit ~ {Gisaci} Buone Vacanze – Ajan Pink

Now, onto the April Fool’s Day jokes…har har har…I have to say I think the one I played on Josette was THE funniest.  Because…well let me tell you about Josette Amiot.  She is the sweetest most positive girl I know in SL.  I treasure her friendship and I know I can always get an uplifting view on some horrible situation from her…but she is really super sweet.  She reminds me of my Aunt Bonnie…she never ever ever says anything negative.  Anyway, so me and my friend decide we shall make the most atrocious outfit and tell Josie we want her to be our model…that’s right, we are going into the fashion business. 

It was…a HORRIBLE DRESS.  So horrible that…I do not have a picture of it.  Okay..I DO but I am wearing it and well Ladies and Gents…I refuse to put it here.  Suffice it to say, it was horrible.  So she gets it, puts it on even…and proceeds to tell me how adorable it is…while offering to send me all the clothing templates in her vast inventory.  I sit, I giggle, I watch her try to put a nice positive spin on that horrible looking dress she is wearing…she is amazing…and she totally did spin it into positive karma.  LOL  I finally let her off the hook and told her Happy April Fools day…poor sweets.


The second best one?  Yeah…I turned my friends office into a fish tank.  Pictures…below…and yes…it was a master piece!  All he did was yell a lot though so whatever, he can live in the tank till I feel like putting it back.  -smiles innocently-  Oh and yes, that’s his desk up there I tagged the mess out of.  That’s what friends are for.  I keep his ego from exploding. 

So, those are the two I PLAYED….this is the ONE that was given to me.  The owner of my land and the wonderful Lyssa, who runs Summerisle.  I did blog about that a few blogs back…anyway, so she sends me a note.  “Happy Spring Krysta!  I changed the land to purples and blues to celebrate and I love the colors, I hope you do as much as I.”  Yeah…x.x;;

It looked like someone came along and beat the mess out of my land and left bruises all over it.  I was traumatized and got on skype with Ky.  “When is summer? When is summer so we can take this down?” She didn’t know…I didn’t know…how do you tell them its horrible (Poor Josette…-sighs-)  well…after an hour of me freaking out…I finally go.  “Come one..this has to be a joke…really? She loves this..” I think Ky could take it no longer and she bursts into laughter and tells me…Happy April Fool’s day.

People…never deny the medicine of a wonderfully long laugh with your friends.  It’s the thing the heals the fastest, feels the best, and ensures your day continues happily.

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